7 Simple Ways to Move More Every Day

Sitting for long periods of time have a negative health effect, from high blood pressure & obesity to abnormal cholesterol levels and risk of cancer & heart disease.

Here are 7 ways to move more during everyday life, without blocking more time out of your busy schedule.

Take the Stairs

Instead of elevators, taking the stairs can help with balance, improve lower body strength and increase your heart rate.

Suggest walking Meetings

Try to incorporate walking meetings. If you work from home, then schedule one call per day during walking. Studies show that walking has a beneficial effect on creative thinking.

Have a Dance Party

Dancing is a great way to burn more calories and work on your balance. You can do dancing while cooking dinner, folding laundry & etc.

Stretch During TV Time

Keep exercise stuff near you while watching TV, when the commercial comes on try to do some bodyweight exercises, which will make a huge difference in your posture & well-being.

Park Far Away

Try to park as far away as possible from your destination to allow more time for walking, which adds up over time & can increase your daily step count.

Bike to Work

If you live within a few miles and the weather is nice, then try going to the office by bicycle. It has positive effects on your health and its amazing cardio exercises.

Take a Walk After Dinner

After a heavy meal, try to walk outside, which aids with digestion, improves your blood sugar levels and burns some calories.

Hope these ideas motivate you to get up & move a bit more throughout your day. Trying to do a few of these things in your daily routine will help you enhance your health.


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