10 Simple Ways to Stop Eating Lots of Sugar

Eating too much sugar may be harmful for your health. Added sugar found in sweets, sodas and other processed foods, has been shown to contribute to type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

It can be challenging to slash added sugars from your diet. Here are 10 simple ways to stop eating so much sugar.

Cut Back on Sugary Drinks

There are several sugary drinks that have high added sugar, such as sports drinks, sodas, energy drinks, sweetened teas and others. Try to limit drinking it.

Avoid Sauces with Added Sugar

Sauces like barbecue sauce, ketchup, sweet chili sauce, spaghetti sauce have high added sugar content.

Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods are free of additives and other artificial substances, and haven’t been refined and processed. These foods include legumes, whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables.

Limit Sugary Breakfast Foods

Some breakfast cereals can be loaded with added sugar. Popular breakfast foods like waffles, jams, pancakes and muffins are also loaded with added sugar.

Consider Eating More Protein

Consuming higher sugar has been linked to increased appetite & weight gain. A diet low in sugar and high in protein and fiber may reduce hunger and promote fullness.

Avoid Sugary Desserts

Most desserts are loaded with sugar, which may cause blood sugar spikes that can leave you feeling tired & hungry.

Eat Full-Fat foods

When you are trying to cut your sugar intake, it’s often better to choose full-fat foods.

Check for Sugar in Canned Foods

Canned foods can be inexpensive and useful addition to your diet, but they can also load with a lot of added sugar. Try to avoid canned foods that have sugar in the ingredient list.

Read Labels

It’s important to check the ingredient list for sugar. The higher on the ingredient list sugar appears, the more sugar the item contains.

Switch to Natural Zero-Calorie Sweeteners

Try to switch to natural zero-calories sweeteners, and there are several artificial sweeteners on the market, such as aspartame & sucralose that are totally free from sugar & calories.

A diet high in added sugar can be harmful & associated with many chronic health conditions. So, it’s very important to limit sources of added sugar in your diet.

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