9 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Whiskey

Whiskey is a grain-derived alcohol that is created by fermenting barley, rye, corn or wheat. There are different varieties of whiskey, and each whiskey has a distinct taste.

You might be surprised to know that whiskey is more than an enjoyable drink, it actually carries some surprising health benefits. However, here are 9 amazing health benefits of drinking whiskey in moderation.

Can Help fight Cancer

Whiskey contains ellagic acid, an amazing antioxidant that can neutralize cancer-causing free radicals in the human body.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Multiple studies show that a glass of whiskey a day can help lower your risk of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. A moderate amount of whiskey can raise HDL levels which may help prevent heart disease.

May Reduces Stress

If you are feeling stressed, then consuming a nice glass of whiskey can help you stress. This is extremely beneficial for people with high stress or anxiety.

Lower Risk of Dementia

Dementia is one of the most prominent diseases facing the elder population. Many studies showed drinking 1 to 6 glasses of whiskey a week can lower your risk of dementia & Alzheimer’s disease. But more studies are needed.

Promotes Weight Loss

Whiskey is delicious in flavour, and contains very little sodium, no fat, low carb and sugar in the whiskey is simple sugar, which can help promote weight loss.

Control of Diabetes Risk

Whiskey may be great for people with diabetes. It’s gluten-free and has very little sugar due to the distillation process. Drinking a moderate amount of whiskey can improve your body’s ability to regulate glucose & insulin levels.

Boost Your Immune System

Whiskey can help you fight and prevent colds. It contains ellagic acid, which alone with vitamins can help your immune system fight off infections and illnesses.

Whiskey May Aids Digestion

After a large meal, it’s common to feel a rumble in your stomach. A glass of whiskey may help ease your stomach, and get your digestive system moving fast.

Help You Sleep

Drinking whiskey before bed might help you relax and might help you fall asleep faster. Make sure to keep it light, because too much whiskey can have the opposite effects & can disrupt your sleep.

Whiskey can be good for you, when you consume a moderate amount and you may get some surprising health benefits. Also, keep in mind that whiskey is meant to be enjoyed in moderation.