7 Things You Should Never Do After a Long Run

Long run is not done after your run the set mileage, it is also very important to pay attention to what you do after a long run

Here are 7 common post-run routines that you should avoid to get the most out of your running session

01. Not Refueling & Hydrating

After a long run, your body is exhausted & it needs to replenish its glycogen stores, lost fluid & electrolytes. If you’re not refueling, then your training will be lot less effective

02. Staying in the Same Cloths

Staying in the sweaty cloths is not a good idea, because wet cloths contain bacteria that can cause problems, give you skin issues & you might catch a cold

03. Forget to Cool Down

It’s Important to give your body enough time to adequately cool down, do some stretching exercises & walk around for a bit

04. Eating too Much After Long Run

It is very important to eat something after a long run, but make sure that you don’t eat too much

05. Avoid Heavy Chores

After the long run, your muscles would be tired & need some time to rest. So, doing heavy task can strain your muscle & make you feel more exhausted

06. Taking Hot Bath

It is best idea to take a shower with alternating cold/hot water to reduce inflammation & muscle pain, also increase your circulation

07. Being a Couch Potato

Being a couch potato after long run will undo all your effort. So, performing some activates keep your blood circulation active & help you to recover faster

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