10 Tips for Swimming to Lose Weight and Tone Up

There are several activities that can help lose weight and you may enjoy doing it. These activities like Running, walking and swimming.

Swimming is an activity that can help lose belly fat, increase muscle tone, and give a great workout to your overall body. Here are some tips for swimming to lose weight.

Swim in the Morning Before Eating

Swimming is a great form of cardio and it’s a full-body workout, you can see some great results. Swimming in the morning will leave your body in a fasted state ready to utilize those fat stores as energy.

Take a Swimming Classes

Learning proper stroke techniques can help you swim at a moderate pace and help you lose weight.

Swim Harder and Faster

Swimming burns a lot of calories when you start swimming faster and harder. It also keeps your heart rate up and helps you lose weight.

Swim Four to Five Days a week

Swimming is a physical activity that’s great when you’re trying to lose weight. The frequency of swimming for weight loss is an excellent way to burn maximum calories, so aim for four to five days a week.

You don’t have to swim every day to lose weight, take a water aerobic class on your off days. This is an excellent exercise to keep moving on active recovery days.

Alternate Swimming with Water Aerobics

Use Water Weights

If you’re swimming to lose weight, then do a few bicep curls with water dumbbells in between laps. The water creates resistances, which can help build endurance and strength.

Start Slowly

Start with 20 to 25 minutes of swimming every other day, and then gradually increase to 30-minute swim five days a week, as your body allows.

If you’re not a fan of the gym, then swimming is an excellent way to get into shape. Swimming is great exercise for losing weight, and it also increases muscle tone & strengthens your heart.

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