Top 7 Barbell Exercises for Triceps Growth

The triceps is the most significant muscle of the ram and it has three heads, such as lateral head, medial head and long head.

If you want to build sizable and muscular arms, then you will need to beef up triceps muscles with the barbell exercises. Here are 7 barbell exercises for triceps growth.

Barbell Skull Crusher

The barbell skull crusher is an isolation workout that specifically builds and works the medial head of the triceps.

Barbell Triceps Kickback

The barbell triceps kickback is one of the most effective exercises for triceps muscle growth. This exercise can enhance stability and flexibility in your arms and shoulders.

Close Grip Landmine Press

The landmine press primarily targets chest muscles but it also activates the long head of the triceps when you entirely extend your arms.

Barbell Pushdown for Triceps

The barbell pushdown targets the medial and lateral heads of the triceps. This exercise tone the muscles on the back of your arms & increase stabilization around your shoulder joint.

Barbell Behind the Neck triceps Extension

The barbell triceps extension targets the triceps muscles, and helps to strengthen the triceps, increasing the stability of the elbows and shoulders.

Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press is compound exercise for the triceps that will help you develop muscle mass and increase triceps strength.

Floor Press

The floor press is a great exercise to have in your triceps workout. It is an excellent upper body strength builder and works well to triceps muscles.

These exercises will help you build strength and brawny triceps. If you want to build bigger triceps, then you will have to work out your larger muscles twice a week.