7 Ways to Increase Your IQ Levels

Several research suggest that there are several ways to develop some of the most crucial skills related to human intelligence. Here are 7 best ways to increase your IQ levels.

Memory Activities

Memory activities can help improve memory and also reasoning & language skills. These activities can continue to develop intelligence.

Start Meditating

Several studies show that meditating is good for stress levels, mood and also good for brain functioning. It has shown to improve blood flow to the brain, concentration, patience, and memory.

Executive Control Activities

Executive control is the ability to control complex cognitive activities. Many research suggests that executive function is strongly tied to fluid reasoning, one aspect of human intelligence.

Relational Skills

Relational frame theory relates to the development of language and human cognition. It can significantly improve IQ scores.

Frequent Reading

Education is a big factor contributing to your IQ. Start reading up on science, which may increase your understanding of the world and also be beneficial for human cognitive development.

Start Doing Regular Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises are more beneficial for brain health. Doing regular exercise can improve your mood, activate your brain and make you feel better.

Continued Education

Education is crucial to the development of human intelligence. Research found that education can boost one to five IQ points.

Training your memory, executive control and regular exercise can help to boost your intelligence levels. The best way to train these areas of your brain is to get engaged in activities and games.

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