What Are the Factors Affecting Weight Loss

Weight loss depends on many factors including age, metabolism rate, exercise routine, diet plan, starting point, sleep, gender and mor

There are many factors are out of your control, and while losing weight it also matters how your body responds to exercise and diet

01. Gender

Gender is the first factor that greatly affects your weight loss, because women have greater fat-to-muscles ratio than men, actually women have a 5 to 12% lower RMR than a man

02. Age

Some older people find it harder to lose weight, because older people (over age 70) can have 20 to 25% lower RMRs than younger adults.

03 Sleep

Not getting enough sleep may lead to more eating and difficult to lose weight, so getting enough Is very important for weight loss

04. Calorie Deficit

Calorie deficit plays an important role while losing weight. highly suggest you, as a man don’t consume fewer calories than 1,900 and as a woman not fewer than 1,300 calories

05. Starting Points

Your starting weight may also affect how quickly you can lose weight. It’s very important to understand your body type, because weight loss is dependent on individuals

06. Exercise

Doing exercise daily can increase the number of calories that your body burns up and that will help you in losing weight

07. Stress

Studies have shown that more stress can lead to weight gain and it’s very difficult to lose weight

08. Medical Conditions

Many medical conditions may make you harder to lose weight and encourage weight gain such as – Thyroid problems, – Hormonal changes, – Cushing syndrome & Depression

09. Medications

Many medications make it challenging to lose weight and promote weight gain such as antidepressants, antipsychotics and corticosteroids

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