9 things that will happen to your body if you are eating too much protein

Proteins are the pillars of our body, means they not only build or muscles, but they also needed to carry out day-to-day body function too.

While keeping ourselves healthy & fit, sometime we go overboard & forget to draw the line. Anything in excess or less can harm us equally. If your plate overloaded with protein, then you may start feeling few changes in your body

01. Dental Issues

It is a common issue for those who are on atkins or keto diet. Since these diet pack their meals with too much protein and less with fats & carbs

02. Weight Gain

Consuming excess protein is usually stored as fat, this can bring with unnecessary fat and lead to weight gain over time

03. Fatigued

If your diet is loaded with too much protein, you mind keeps getting tired and loosing interest, which will lead you to feeling fatigued all the time

04. Increased Cancer Risk

Studies have shown that certain high-protein diets that are particularly high in red meat-based proteins are linked to an increase risk of cancer (Colorectal, Breast & Prostate cancer)

05. Hangry

If your plate loaded with too much protein, can also lead hunger & anger together. Because your body needs equal amount of carbs, fat, fiber, protein & vitamins

06. Calcium Loss

If your diets that are high in protein and meat, that may cause calcium loss. This is something associated with osteoporosis & poor bone health

07. Digestive issues

Eating too much protein can also lead to digestive issues. More of protein & less of fiber and carbs in your diet can make you feel severely heavy

08. Bad Breath

Eating too much protein can also lead to bad breath, especially if you restrict your carbohydrate intake

09. Excess Thirst

Since your kidneys are working too hard in removing the excess protein that you are consumed, it starts to make your body dehydrated

Note: our body needs of protein is 0.8 grams per body weight, we don not require more than 50-60 grams of protein daily. Also, remember at a time our body does not digest more than 30 grams of protein

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