What are the Model Measurements – Take your Own Measurements for Agency

There are lot of aspiring models want to know about model measurements, why accurate measurements are so important and how to take measurements.

Your accurate measurements are very important while finding a work. The casting directors or clients are looking at submissions and they are going through more than hundreds of applicants. If you added your accurate measurements then they will definitely look your profile.

Clients or brands will try to find models with specific measurements and if your measurements are accurate and specific then there are some chance to get an opportunity.

What are the Model Measurements?

What are the model measurements

Model agencies, clients or brands will always want to know your accurate measurements, or your statistics. The accurate measurements are very important in modeling industry and this information is not only part of your application to the brands, clients or to the agency but this information will also part of your modeling resume for your career.

Model measurements are basically listed as number, like 34” bust, 24” waist and 34” hips (34-24-34). Also, you need to include your height, shoe size, dress size and more, its depends on the agencies, some agencies ask you very few measurements and some bit more.

If your aspiring models or working with agency, you need to measure yourself every 3 months in case any change in body shape.  

Why Do I Need to Measure so Often?

Why Do I need to measure so often

You need to keep your measurements up-to-date as possible. In modeling industry body shape is very important part when it comes to choosing the right model for a particular project or particular modeling job.

Well, our body continuers fluctuate every month or year, we can’t stay in a same shape throughout live. Our body continually change shape because of Age, Hormones, illness and even if you’re working harder in gym and eating healthy food every day, still our body shape will change.

It’s very important to double-check your body measurements every 3 month and see any changes, update in your modeling portfolio or Z-Card.

Some of the top agencies request very strict measurements for a particular category of modeling and many agencies do not require a such strict measurements. Every agency has their own rules and regulations, make sure do your own research before applying any agency.   

What are the Measurements Should Aware of?

What are the measurements should aware of

There are some measurements you need to take care for your modeling applications. If your honest take accurate measurements.

Every modeling agencies needs your measurements, they will definitely ask these for measurements, your height, bust, waist and hips.  Always keep your measurements up-to-date, your ca takes your measurements with usual measuring tape.  


First thing you should know your height, you need to tell your accurate height with agency, there are many categories of modeling an example: if you want to be a catwalk modeling then female should be 5’7” tall and more, for male 6’1”. It’s totally depends on which agency your Appling to (this will differ by few inches).

You can measure your height yourself in home, stand tall with your back at wall and mark the height and know the accurate height.


The next measurements will come your weight, make sure that your weight is related to your height. The most important thing to know your weight according to what types of category of modeling you want to be.

Many agencies have a different requirement for wight, so be accurate as possible with your measurements.


The next you need to know your bust, if your male, your need to know your chest. It’s very important to accurate measurements of your this area of body. You can tell some else to measure or take help of your friend or even your family member.


Waist measurements

The next you need to know Is your waist, most of the people think that their jeans size is their waist size but that not accurate your waist size.

Measuring your waist, put a measuring tape top of your hips bone and then around your waist, take the number accurately as possible.


Again, you need to know your hips size, put measuring tape widest point of your hip and then around your hips. Take an accurate measurement as possible.

Dress Size and Shoe Size

This is also important to know your dress size and show size for both male and female.

Make sure that when you’re writing your measurement write accurately, because incorrect information will anger agents. So, make sure that add accurate information and remember that update the information every few months.  

Where do I include My Measurements?

It’s depends on you that where you want to include your measurements, it will good idea to add your measurements in your portfolio, Z-Card and Online Profiles because the agent can instantly able to read your measurements.


Here we known about Model measurements and what are the model measurements you need to know. There are lot of pressure in modeling industry, you may get lot of rejection. To get accurate measurements don’t force your body to do unhealthy activities.

Remember that, if your body doesn’t meet agency requirements, it not means that you don’t have future in modeling. There are number of modeling agencies, do your own research and find the one that right for you.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestion kindly put them in a comment box below.   

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