What is a Mother Agency? How to Get Sign by Mother Agency Contract

Here we will learn about what a mother agency is? And how we get signed by mother agency contract. If you’re starting your career or if you want to spread your network in the modeling industry or if you want to work with a bigger market in the modeling industry, then you should know about mother agency.   

In the beginning of my modeling career, every once in a while I have one question what is a mother agency?How do I get signed by mother agency contract and what are the functions of modeling a mother agency?

But if you’re starting your career in the modeling industry, you should get signed by a mother agency because the mother agency will help you to spread your network in internationally and also look after you.  

What is a Mother Agency?

What is a Mother Agency

A mother agency is like your mother, who will take care of you; so that’s the reason this name was basically suggested. When you first start a modeling career you will basically hear the term Mother agent or mother agency.

Mother agency is your first agency that you sign with them and can get you more work in modeling. If your mother agencies truly believe in you they would try to place you with bigger other agencies as well.

Almost all supermodels or professional models have more than one modeling agency. One model working with so many agencies can get a little confusing, so there needs to be one main agency that will take care of everything. That main agency is called as a mother agency.

Normally, a good mother agency will teach you about the modeling industry and help you to build your modeling portfolio.

A mother agency also gives you advice, guidance and shows you the best direction of your career.

So basically, a mother agency is the first agency that you begin working with and getting work from them. If you’re trying to get a mother agency contract, then do your own research and find a good mother agency then go for it.

The Function of Modeling Mother Agency

Already you know about what a mother agency is? Now we will know about the faction of modeling mother agencies and how it works for you. A mother agency is your first agency that you begin your career working with.

When you first get signed by a mother agency like XYZ agency in your city, what your mother agency will do is they will find work locally and also that they will place you in other markets or bigger agencies, where they feel like their models would get more work.

They actually get you work locally but they look for other bigger markets also. A mother agency starts getting you work locally in your city, whichever city they are located in but once they see how you’re performing then they can send you or place you with bigger agencies and in other cities.     

Your mother agency will charge you 20% commission like other agencies, if your mother agency would place you with bigger agencies or different cities or bigger markets that agencies are also going to charge you  20% commission on their own.

For example: you got a job with another agency through your mother agency and you got 2000 dollars for that work so you’re paying 20% for your mother agency and also you’re paying 20% for another agency.

This is how mother agencies work, if you’re trying to get one mother agency, definitely do your own research then only you can go for it.

How to Get Sign by Mother Agency Contract

There are so many beginner models who want to know how to get signed by a mother agency contract. If you’re trying for the first time, definitely you have to do your own research, look on their websites, and call the agency directly to get more information.

Most of the mother agencies try to have one or two open calls in a week and you can go to their open calls. Prepare yourself for an open call; you should dress yourself like a model and the main thing is that you can go with simple makeup.

You need to have a strong portfolio book, including headshot, full body shoot and left and right side shoots and take photos without makeup that will help you to get a contract sign.  

If you have your portfolio or calm card with you that will get you one positive point. Whenever you’re going for open calls or auditions, go with confidence and represent yourself.

Confidence is very important in this industry because agencies look in you, which is your confidence. The agency wants to have their onboard models like who could actually go in front of the clients and get the work.

Keep in mind that mother agencies will push you or they get you work with bigger agencies, if they truly believe in you.

When you Get Paid from Mother Agency

get paid from mother agency

Your mother agency will find the work for you or they will send you to the bigger agencies, when you do the work for your mother agency then you get paid, also from your money the mother agency will charge you 20% of commission and remaining money they will pay you by check or bank transfer.

If your mother agencies send you to another bigger agency for work, then you have to pay 20 % to your mother agency and 20 % to another agency that did the work for them. The remaining money they will send you.

This is how agencies will work all over the world, so choose the best mother agency and begin with your career in the fashion industry.

QNA’s on Mather Agencies

Can you Have Two Mother Agencies?

The short answer is NO, you don’t need to have two mother agencies. One mother agency should have a successful career. They can help with getting a job and make your career successful.

What are the Biggest Modeling Agencies?

Here are the top 6 modeling agencies.

·         Elite Model Management
·         Ford models
·         IMG Models
·         Wilhelmina Models
·         Next Management
·         Premier Model Management

How Do you Get a Mother Agent?

Any agency can be a mother agency, if you live in a small market or big market but you were scouted by a big New York modeling agency that agency may become your mother agency.  


Here we learn about what a mother agency is, what the function is and how we get signed by a mother agency contract. If you want to start your career with a mother agency then do your own research about agencies which are in your city and get them to sign the contract.

Start working with them and also keep in mind that the mother agency pushes you when they have a true belief in you and they will also look at your performance.  

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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