What to Wear to a Model Casting Interview – Model Casting Tips

All beginner models get confused about what to wear to a model casing and what not to wear to a model casting interview but it’s very important to know of making the good first impression.

Well, the casting is an interview for models that prospective models should attend the casting so the brands or clients can judge you whether your fit for their brands. Also, you need to stand out from the crowed and show your potential.

The very important thing to remember whenever you go to the casting calls or casting interview is to keep yourself simple because the modeling agencies and clints want to see you natural and most basic form.

What to Wear to a Model Casting?

What to wear to a model casting

Have you ever gone for to an interview and warried about what to wear? This same worry is even worst for models to go for casting calls! The models should make good first impression because the model’s whole career is depending on their looks.

If your overdressed or underdressed, the way you dressed or you look has a significant impact on good first impression. So, read this article to find out what to wear to a model casting and what not to a wear.

01.You can Bring a Pair of Heals

Well, you need to have a pair of heals and you should have an idea about how you can walk in them. If you not able to walk in high heels, then you’re not ready for a casting interview or casting calls.

You don’t have to wear the heals and attend the casting, but you may need to bring a pair of heals because most of the brands and agencies want to see you how you can walk in them.

You can choose high heal that you may comfortable in and make sure that you heal are clean and comfortable while walking on the stage.

02. Wear Simple Dressing

Wear Simple Dressing in casting calls

A first impression can make within a second but you should have to wear like that. If you wearing a simple dress and well fits your body then agency and brands judge you whether you could fit their items.

If you struggling to find out color that match on you then its good idea to Google it and see supermodels what they wearied for their casting.

Well, you need to choose color that accent your skin and look good on you. For example: most popular casting look is jeans and white t-shirt combination. Make sure that jeans and t-shirt are in great look.

You need to select the jeans that may fit you properly, should be right length and should be fit around your waistline.

A white t-shirt also make you feel comfortable and best combination with jeans. It will make your skin glow.

Always, remember that you should trying to stand out from the crowed of beautiful people.

03. Minimal Makeup

Minimal Makeup on casting calls

If you’re going for a model casting interview make sure that your wear enough makeup to enhance your beauty. The little bit of makeup is fine but don’t over go with your makeup.

The agencies or brands wants to see you naturally and they want to see your natural shape of you face, condition of your skin and hair.

The model casting is not place to do experiment with colors of your eyes or hair, you don’t need to spend hours of time to fix them. Make sure that your look is clean and natural.

Remember, if you successful at model casting interview so there are make-up artist and will take care at the photo-shoot.

04. Wear Good Underwear

You need to wear a good underwear or any undergarments because they are not going to necessarily see your undergarments.

You need to wear good bra and underwear so they can’t see underwear lines and make you more comfortable.

Men also need to think about underwear or any undergarments, you can keep safe side by wearing boxer brief.

So, make sure that you are wearing the correct fit and correct size.

What Not to Wear to a Model Casing?

What not to wear to a model casing

There is some importance thing that you should not wear to a model casting, these are very common sense and few things are make surprise to beginners or aspiring models.

These are the tips for that reason that you should present yourself as a model in a casting interview.

01. Don’t Wear too Much Make-Up

Don’t wear to much of make-up, you just wear a little bit of make-up because the clints or brands and agencies are contacting casting interview as an opportunity to see the model’s natural beauty.

Wearing too much of make-up may cover your natural features but brands and agencies want see their models on natural features.

02. Don’t Wear Loud Printed Clothes

Don’t Wear Loud Printed Clothes

Don’t wear more printed clothes and start wearing simple clothes that may you look great on it.

The brands and agencies just want to see you, how your natural features are and whether you fit for their brands, not your clothes or any accessories.  

03. Do Not Wear Full Fitting Clothes

If you wear full fitting clothes or oversized clothes you may look great on it, but they don’t have a place in model casting interview.

If you wear any clothes that needs to compliment your natural body shape not cover it up fully.

04. Do Not Wear Garish Accessories

You should avoid wearing garish accessories because brands and agencies wants to see you in natural and they just focus on your natural features, not on what do you wear accessories.

If you feel that have to wear something then make sure that your wearing minimal and classy.

What you Need to Bring in Your Bag to Casting

What you need to bring in your bag to casting

Most of the models may pre-prepared with all the things that need for model casting. If you go without taking any items then if agency or clients request some specific items then what you do. So, make sure you read these points thoroughly.

It’s totally up to you that you may bring and what not, but here we listed some of the basic item.

  • Hair care, comb or hairbrush. You can keep these items in your bag so you should ensure hair looks well-maintained.
  • Make-up. If you feel that you want to teach up your little make-up just before you casting interview then you need to keep bit make-up in your bag like lip balm and concealer.

  • Heals. As is mention earlier you should keep pair of heal in your bag

  • Water and snacks. You may have to wait for some hours, so keep water and snacks in your bag that you can stay hydrated and fed.

  • Underwear. Some agencies or brands will ask you to try some items. So, bringing your own underwear may help you.

  • A magazine or your favorite book. A casting will take lot of time, so its good idea to bring your favorite book with you to make entertained.


Here we known about what to wear to a model casting interview and what no to wear. Avoid making silly mistakes and stick to the basic things, and make sure that if you’re going for a any model casting then pick the right items that may show your natural beauty and natural features.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any suggestions and questions kindly put them in a comment box below.

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