5 Best Wolverine Beard Style – How to Achieve and Maintain It

Nowadays, the wolverine beard style is very popular and trending beard style. This beard style is from X-Men Movies and Hugh Jackman’s favorite beard style.

Here in this article, we are going to look at wolverine beard styles and how to maintain at home from the comforts zone.    

There are lot of guys want to copy this wolverine bear style to improve their facial value but its bit difficult to maintain all the time in same shape, but that’s not impossible. So, read this article till the end.

What is Wolverine Beard Style?

What is Wolverine Beard Style

Wolverine beard style is a unique version of classic mutton chops and combination of full beard and mutton chops. It’s totally depending on how long and thicker you want to have your wolverine beard to be.

There are two main challenges may facie if you’re going to have a wolverine beard style, the first one is how to grow wolverine beard and how to trim it or how to maintain the look every day. So here in this post we are given all the information keep reading.

What Face Shape Fits the Wolverine Beard?

This is very important to know that what face shape is fits in wolverine beard style. Who have an oblong face shape? they can fit for wolverine beard style.

Also, will fits wolverine beard style for oval face shape and Square face shape but they need to have prominent chins with killer jawlines.

If you have a heart face shape or round face shape with week jawline then it’s very bad idea to go with wolverine beard style or even any type of mutton chops beard styles.

05 Best Wolverine Beard Style

If you’re thinking to grow the wolverine beard style, you need to know that it’s bit difficult as I already told you. Still your heart and mind are set on to have this wolverine beard style then you need to read this article till the end. So here we are listed 05 best wolverine beard styles.

01. The Correctly Trimmed Wolverine

The Correctly Trimmed Wolverine

This is very popular one, just you need to do is trim neatly your beard. Its looks very decent and there is no need much time to set it properly. But you should trim it regularly and neatly.

02. The Debonair Wolverine 

The Debonair Wolverine

This is also popular, this beard style fits for those who are working in office or formal events. The debonair wolverine style can be looks nonchalant.

03. The General Wolverine

The General Wolverine

The general wolverine style is like comic book character, you just need to trim down and tidied up a bit.

04. The Outgrown Wolverine

The Outgrown Wolverine

This looks also for office guys; it will perfect for those who wear a formal dress.

05. The Classic Movie Wolverine

The Classic Movie Wolverine

The great wolverine beard style that we find in Marvel films, this style is not for regular wear.

How to grow and trim Wolverine Beard

Its very easy to grow a beard but it very important to know that how to trim to get a wolverine beard style. So, here we are going to guide you step by step.

01. Grow Your Beard 1 to 2 Inch

You need to grow your beard a decent and fuller to look your wolverine style more define. So, you can grow your beard around 1 or 2 inches with fuller beard before doing anything else.  

02. Trim the Mustacho

The next step is to trim your mustacho to a stubble. It’s totally depending on you that how much mustacho length you want to keep. But I would recommend to keep 1/4 inches will look great.  

03. Trim the Soul Patch and Chin

The next step is to trim the chin, you can narrower shave gap of 1-2” on the chin. It’s bit difficult to trim perfectly. But you can trim with beard trimmer or stubble trimmer.

04. Line up Your Cheeks and Neckline

The last step is, you should line up your cheek line and neck line. If you have a steady hand then you may free style the edges. Remember. That you shouldn’t trim the jawline, leave the 1-2” hair under.  

How to Maintain the Beard

How to Maintain the Beard

You have the face shape that wolverine beard style fits in, but it’s very important to know how you can maintain the beard on daily. So here we are given some tips on to maintain the wolverine beard style.

01. Good Quality Trimmer

If you want to maintain a wolverine beard style for long time then you should have an Accuracy trimmer to maintain them regularly.

It will be hard to get the shape regularly but you can able to do with good quality trimmer.

02. Shape Your Facial Hair

You need to trim your beard in a wolverine beard shape on regularly. Also, don’t grow more facial hair, just keep it 1 or 2 inches with thicker.


Here we known about wolverine beard style, and how to achieve and maintain it. This beard looks great on certain face shape not for all the men. So, know you face shape and try to get on suitable beard style.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in a comment box blow.   

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