15 Popular Yandy Lingerie models and Their Instagram – Who are Yandy Models

Yandy.com Is an online shopping store that deals in sexy apparel only for women. It is very popular among US consumers, and also very popular on social media. Especially on Instagram which has over 634k followers. It shares attractive photo shoot pictures on their social timeline to grab people’s attention.

In 2017, yandy was swimsuit sponsor to Miss USA Pageant where it was featured in the whole event.

Here we are listed Yandy lingerie models name list and their Instagram, you will know about yandy model list who often appear in fashion shows like New York Fashion Week, Scottsdale Fashion week and Miami Swim Week. So, read the article till the end.

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Yandy.com Mission

We believe that everyone has their right to own their sexy.

The mission of Yandy.com is to empower women and men to accept their sensuality in its physical, emotional, psychological, mental and healthful facets.

Everybody, Own your sexy.

Yandy.com was founded in 2007 by Chad Horstman and Evan Horstman with an aim of selling high quality fashion, bikini and swimwear clothes globally. Today, it has become a popular online lingerie store with over 100 employees with an annual turnover of $42 Million.

Yandy.com has more than 5,000 lingerie products, 700 swimwear products and more than 2,000 Halloween products. 

15 Popular Yandy Models List in 2024

Here we are listed 15 popular hottest Yandy models list, read till the need to know who are the hottest yandy models.

01. Paola Canas

Paola Canas yandy models

Paola Canas is a model who was featured on the cover of Playboy Mexico in 2018, she is a gymwear and lingerie model who has appeared in many magazines like Latina. She also does a photoshoot with Yandy.

She has more than 643k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account is @paolacospi.

02. Brennah Black

Brennah Black Yandy models

She is an American model, actress, social media influencer and television host. She appeared in many fashion photoshoots, bikini ads, and other modeling gigs, she is the sexiest and talented Yandy model.

She is also incredibly popular on Instagram with 671k followers and her Instagram account is @brennahblack.

03. Summer Soderstrom

Summer Soderstrom yandy model

Summer Soderstrom is an American Model and social media influencer based in Los Angeles. She is one of the hottest Yandy model and who does a photoshoot with yandy.com

Mainly she posts her modeling shoots in bikinis with unique poses on Instagram. Also, she is popular on Instagram with having more than 497k followers on her Instagram handle @summersoderstrom.

04. Rose Montoya

Rose Montoya

Rose Montoya is a model, actor, public speaker and advocate, one of the hottest Yandy models. She has more than 69.4k followers on her Instagram handle @rosalynnemontoya.

05. Molly McAdam

Molly McAdam Yandy Models

Molly McAdam is an American model based in Los Angeles. She is the prettiest Yandy model who covers all bubblicious characters of Yandy.

She has more than 56.8k followers on her Instagram account @mollsmcadam.

06. Rumer Noel

Rumer Noel Yandy Models

Rumer Noel is a most active Yandy model and she is also a Dancer and Choreographer, who worked with some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. She also owns a successful YouTube channel self-titled (Rumer Noel) for Dance Choreography.  

Rumer Noel also has more than 182k followers on her Instagram account @rumernowl.

07. Kate Compton

Kate Compton yandy models

Kate Compton is an American model and based in Lag Angles. She is the most bold and naughty Yandy model, who represents the bold outfits of the Yandy collection.

Kate Compton is also very popular on Instagram with having more than 320k followers on her Instagram handle @thekatecompton.

08. Jocelyn Binder

 Jocelyn Binder

Jocelyn Binder is a fashion and lingerie model who shared her portfolio on both an Instagram and self-titled website. She worked with most famous modeling agencies like Direct Model Management and Wilhelmina.

She also famous actress who has done many Hollywood movies such as Never Back down (2008), Murder in Maimi (2014) and Marilyn Manson: kill4me (2017). She is also the most popular Yandy model who promotes Lingerie Yandy collections.

She has more than 812k followers on her Instagram account @jocelynbinder

09. Audrey Bradford

Audrey Bradford yandy models

Audrey Bradford is a model who signed with IMD Modeling and Maverick Artists and she worked with many breads like Killer Swimwear and Aque Swimwear, and one of the famous Yandy models.

She is immensely popular on social media; she’s accrued more than 533k followers on her Instagram account @dreybradford.

10. Anastasia Nova

Anastasia Nova yandy models

Anastasia Nova is a Russian model and actress, known as a Lingerie Yandy Model. She is popular on social media, especially on Instagram with having more than 360k followers on her Instagram handle @anastasiasupernova.

11. London Ellis

London Ellis Yandy Models

She is an American singer, content Creator and Model who worked with Yandy as a model. She is based in Los Angeles.

She has more than 70k followers on Instagram (@london_ellis) where publish her modeling shoots and lifestyle photos.

12. Kristen Strout

Kristen Strout Yandy Models

Kristen Strout is a professional model and social media influencer, who is known for her bikini and car promo pics. She also worked with Yandy as a model where she promoted bikini Yandy collections.

She is popular on Instagram where she posts revealing selfies and bikini pictures for more than 905k followers, and her Instagram handle is @rl_vette_babe23.

13. Andrea Kuoni

Andrea Kuoni Yandy Models

Andrea Kuoni is an American international model and currently she is living in Washington D.C.

She is one of the hottest Yandy models who has worked with Playboy Magazines. She is also famous on Instagram where she shares her modeling shoots in swimwear, bikini and other stylish clothing. She has more than 546k followers on her Instagram account @andykandy.

14. Lina Posada

Lina Posada

Lina Posada is a Colombia model who is best known as the face of the Colombian lingerie brand Besame. She is also one of the hottest Yandy models.  

She has more than 100k followers on her instagram handle @linaposada13.

15. Taylor Jevaux

Taylor Jevaux

Taylor Jevaux is a model, director and videographer based in Los Angeles. She also worked as a model for Yandy.

She accrued more than 80.3k followers on her Instagram account @taylorjevaux.


 Here you see 15 hottest Yandy models who promote Yandy products. If you want to buy Yandy Clothes then click here Yandy.com and if you are looking to work with them, then click here Career.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about the Yandy Models list, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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