10 Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day 

Yoga entirely includes a wide range of self-disciplinary practices and contemplatives, such as meditation, mantra, prayer, breath work, chanting and ritual. It provides many health benefits.

Yoga is a popular and effective exercise that focuses on strength, breathing and flexibility. Doing yoga in the morning provides several physical and mental health benefits. So, here are 10 science-based benefits of doing yoga every day.

Help with Stress Relief

Research shows that practicing yoga & asana is excellent at reducing stress. It also supports mental health, healthy eating, weight loss, quality sleep and mindfulness. Many people often practice yoga to aid relaxation and reduce stress.

Decreases Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects around 80% of adults at some point in their life. So, yoga is good and effective stretching for decreasing lower back pain and improving mobility. Yoga is a first-line treatment for chronic low back pain and an inexpensive way to provide some relief.

Improve Flexibility

Slow movement of yoga and deep breathing increase blood flow and also warm up your muscles, while holding a pose can build Flexibility & strength. Flexibility is an important component of physical health and fitness.

Yoga Benefits Heart Health

Practicing yoga regularly may reduce levels of stress & inflammation, contributing to healthier hearts. Practicing yoga also helps lower blood pressure, blood glucose levels and blood cholesterol.

Can Improve Brain Functioning

According to several studies, yoga is a mind-body exercise and may stimulate brain function and give a boost to energy levels. Yoga strengthens parts of your brain that play a key role in attention, memory, and awareness.

Improves Mental Health

Yoga’s incorporation of breathing and meditation can help improve an individual’s mental well-being, creates mental clarity and calmness, sharpens concentration and increases body awareness.

Increase Your Strength

Yoga is all about stretching and finding your calm, and there are many different styles and yoga poses that can help you build strength. Building strength depends on the pose, class style & approach.

Help You Sleep Better

Research has shown that regular practice of yoga can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall asleep and stay asleep. This is due to the aftereffects of exercise and the mental calming provided by yoga specifically.

May improve Bone Health

Yoga can be beneficial for people with osteoporosis. Practicing yoga can actually increase bone density if done properly and consistently.

Can Promote Better Posture

Yoga poses focus on Mobility and flexibility which can contribute to better alignment by releasing muscles that are often tight. Doing some yoga poses during breaks in your workout can also promote better posture.

Generally, yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activities and it may also have many physical and mental health benefits. So, investing in a yoga practice is investing in you and your health!


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