How to LOSE WEIGHT FAST Without Exercise – 11 Simple Tips (2024)

Staying in shape has been a priority, sticking in one diet and exercising is very difficult. There are a lot of ways to lose weight, but few will work on you and few will not. 

 You can lose weight without exercises but exercise can give many health benefits and also it can improve your body and mind in many ways. Also, it can cut down your risk for multiple diseases and it can lower your incidence of anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.

When it comes Losing a weight, the key is what you eat. Many studies show that there are a number of strategies that have nothing to do with exercises. Here are 11 ways how to lose weight fast without exercise and diet.   

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11 Tips for How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise at Home (2024)

Here are the best 11 simple tips that will help to lose weight fast without exercise and a perfect diet, so you can start doing it today onwards.  

01. You can lose fat by doing intermitted fasting

One of the best things most people do is intermittent fasting and it works and you will lose weight. If you strongly do intermittent fasting you can lose weight fast without exercise in a month.  

How the Intermitted Fasting Works

You fast a certain number of hours per day and then the other you eat.

For example: One method is to eat eight hours and then the rest of the hours which is 16 comes to 24 you fast.

Now it sounds crazy but remember you sleep as well, you sleep between seven to eight hours if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the 8:16 is just one method there’s actually several methods but the 8:16 is one that most people follow.

Two Easy Ways that you Can do Intermitted Fasting 

  • You Can eat from 9am to 5pm and fast in the evening.
  • You can eat from 12 mid-day to 8 pm and nothing in the morning.

Second method you can bump it up to a 4:20 meaning 4 hours of the day you eat and then the rest of the 20 you fast, just remember the first day will probably be the hardest because your body is not used to it.

So just remind yourself when you fast yes I’m losing weight, keep yourself motivated and then the time when you do eat, don’t just go crazy and eat unhealthy stuff but eat healthy make your portion smaller and remember you can drink water the whole day.

Now studies on intermittent fasting showed very powerful effects for not only your body but also for your mind.

How do you Lose Fat by Doing Intermitted Fasting?

Lose Fat by Doing Intermitted Fasting

When you fast your insulin goes down, other things also happen like your human growth hormone that goes up but the most important thing is your insulin goes down that’s when you lose fat because when your insulin is high your body stores more fat.

So low insulin you lose fat and intermittent fasting is good but do not continue to eat and live the way you used to. There are two important things you need to do.

  • Do not eat sweet sugar: – First thing is do not just eat sweets, sugar and a lot of unhealthy stuff instead you can eat healthy whole wheat grains, veggies, fruit and lean meats.
  • Eat smaller portion sizes: – Eat smaller portion sizes for example: if you want to be 70 kilograms, do not eat like someone who is 90 kilos. So, you gotta eat according to what you want to be, if you want to be 70 kilograms eat like someone who is 70 kilograms, there are many tips and tricks that we can talk about, but the most important thing is you need to master your mind before you can master your body.

02. Eat Breakfast Every Day

Most people skip breakfast and they will think this is the best way to cut off the calories. But many people have lost weight while eating breakfast every day. 

03. Low Carb Diet 

A low carb diet is especially important because you cut down on your carbs your body fat percentage is going to reduce.
I am not saying to eliminate carbs because this could be dangerous and not nutritionally balanced. You still need some carbs, so try a low carb diet every now and then. It is good for losing weight or maintaining your healthy weight. 

04. Drink Green Tea every day

Drink Green Tea every to lose weight fast

Green tea has really helped to burn fat and boost your metabolism, it contains a massive range of antioxidants and it comes packed with less calories. And you can have the green tea right after your breakfasts are lunch.

But remember whatever you choose from all the diets, the best diet out there in the world is the diet that you can follow that you can stick to until you achieve the body you want.

So merging intermittent fasting with a good diet will help you to lose fat fast without exercise because you always lose the fat in the kitchen and you get fit in the gym.

But apart from intermittent fasting and diets to lose fat fast the best thing that you can do is to change to a healthy lifestyle, because that will keep the doctors away and the fat.

05. Chew Thoroughly and Slow Down

In today’s world everybody is in a hurry, while eating or doing something. Everybody wants to save time; eating or chewing the food fast has been noted to increase the chances of gaining weight.

Chewing your food slowly will help you to decrease food intake and will increase fullness. How quickly you will finish your meals will directly affect your weight.

Eating slowly and enjoying your meals is healthier and you will feel fuller and with fewer calories, you will have habits of eating slowly will help you to lose weight gain.

06. Keep Unhealthy Food far Away

The key to weight loss is to keep unhealthy foods away, keeping unhealthy food will help you not consume it at the wrong time.

It is a good idea that avoids unhealthy food and replaces healthy food or snacks. Study has been shown that having snacks will get you more energy.

Having healthy snacks will burn your fast and your weight loss journey will be more effective.

Healthy snacks like, healthy fats vegetables, avocado and nuts, eat more dry fruits, and eat healthy fiber fruits. 

07. Sleep Well Every Night

Sleep Well Every Night

Getting enough sleep will keep many problems away from you, and it is also a solution of weight loss.

Less sleep also increases the stress level, the stress prompts the body to produce glucocorticoids, and more glucocorticoids in your body will increase appetite and your weight.

Getting enough sleep around 7 to 8 hours a day, will help your weight loss journey.

08. Serve Yourself Smaller Portions

During the last few months, portion sizes have increased especially in restaurants and star hotels.

In one study has shown that serving smaller portions will help you to consume fewer calories and be aware of what you are going to consume.

09. Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

Eating fiber – rich foods will help you be fuller for longer time, studies also show that eating fiber will help you for weight loss, and it also increases your fullness and decreases your food intake.

Fiber – rich foods are oat, beans. Oranges, sprouts, and flax seeds.

10. Drink Enough Water Regularly

Drink Enough Water Regularly

Drinking water before a meal will help you to eat less and lose weight; the proven fact is every weight loss trainer will tell you the same things that you should drink water more regularly.

In one study shows that overweight people drink a half liter of water around 30 minutes before meals, and it helps to reduce hunger and lesser calories intake.

Having food, you can replace calories from drinks, like soda, juice, and drink with water is particularly beneficial.

11. Weigh Yourself Every Day

Weigh Yourself Every Day

The best way to know the progress of your weight loss journey, you can measure your weight every day for a week; you will know how effective it is.

Some people start their weight loss journey, and they will not gain weight and after a week they will lose their motivation. If you are weighing every day you get to know the progress


Lot of people have a question about how to lose weight fast without exercise and diet, but Many simple habits will help you to lose weight, if you have nothing to do for diet and exercise.

You can start your weight loss with having healthy food, keeping unhealthy food away from you, eating slowly, avoiding eating in front of TV, computer and while using your phone.

Drink more water regularly and get enough sleep, reduce stress, keep attention on you. These are the best ways to lose weight, but do not try it all, start doing it one by one.

Do experiment yourself with one technique for a while, if it has started affecting you then try another one.

Everyone knows the popular weight-loss mantra: Move more and eat less.

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