7 Best Calorie-Burning Exercises Without Gym Equipment

By Praveen Jadhav

Losing weight is all about burning more calories and sweeting out. Here are 7 calories-burning exercises. 


Burpees is a full-body exercise that targets all the major muscle groups.

Jump Squats

This exercise targets your lower body, and boosts your cardiovascular and burns maximum calories.

High Knees

It is an effective cardio exercise that is simple to perform, but it helps burn calories.

Frog Jumps

Frog jump is a great full-body & cardio exercise, it activates all the muscle group across your body. 

Mountain Climbers

It is another great full-body & cardio exercise. Which burn maximum calories & improve strength & flexibility


It is a great lower body exercise and it may improve your strength and resilience for sports like cycling & running. 


Push-up is an effective bodyweight exercise, which works on your upper body muscles.

These exercises are effective and simple to perform, even at home. so, try to do these exercises at least 30 minutes every day.


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