7 Home Exercise for Total Body Fat Loss 

By Praveen

If your goal is to lose weight and burn fat, it is very important to focus on strength-building exercises that target your whole body.

Full body exercises are excellent as they work several muscle groups at once, saving your energy and time. Here are 7 home exercises for total body fat loss.

Squat Shuffle

Experts say squat shuffle is one the best exercises you can do regularly at home. It can help burn more calories, and trigger hormonal responses conducive to weight loss.

High Knee

High knee is a calisthenic exercise that can burn more calories, gets your heart rate up and improves flexibility and momentum.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is a mix of cardio and muscle training that burns more calories, making it perfect exercise to lose belly fat and reveal your abs.

Run in Place

Running in place increases your heart rate, burns calories and fat, and improves blood sugar levels, which all help with weight loss.

Russian Twist

Russian twist is one of the best exercises to reduce side belly fat, and it is the most effective way to trim the waistline.

Side Lunge Jump

Side lunges are great exercises for weight loss, because it allows you to burn more calories and trim excess weight.


Push ups are great for burning calories, improving muscle and flexibility, which all led to weight loss.

These exercises can help your burn off fat and lone your body. So, try to incorporate these exercises into your daily workout routine.

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