6 Ways to Not Eat Fruits When Trying to Lose Weight

By Praveen

The role of fruit for weight loss has been controversial. Some people warn against having fruits, but nutritionists believe that fruits help in weight loss.

Studies show that drinking fruit juices or eating fruits candies can lead to weight gain. So, here are 6 ways to not eat fruits when trying to lose weight.

Juicing Fruits Instead of Eating

Drinking fruit juices are not nutritionally equal to whole fruits because the juicing process gets rid of the fiber content.

Candied Fruits

Candies are really high in calories and covered in sugar syrup that raise blood sugar and are extremely bad for weight loss.

Packaged Juices

Packaged fruit juices are high in sugar and have preservatives, artificial colors and flavours. So, try to avoid them.

Fruits Jams

Jams are high in sugar content, calories, and preservations. Regularly consuming fruit jams can lead to weight gain.

Canned Fruits in Sugar Syrup

Canned fruits are soaked in sugar syrup with zero nutritional value. Eating them may lead to weight gain and build belly fat.

Dried & Dehydrated Fruits in Cereals

There is absolutely no nutritional value in dry and dehydrated fruits that come in processed and packaged. So, try to avoid them.

It is very important to avoid processed, packaged, juices of fruits. To get maximum benefits and nutrients out of fruits, then eat them whole.

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