11 Weight Loss Tips for Thyroid Patients

Many people gain weight because they have thyroid disorders, especially hypothyroidism. This disorder can slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain, or make weight loss difficult.

Thyroid hormones may cause lower energy levels and make you weak. Losing weight with thyroid isn’t easy, but it can be done. Try out these top tips to lose weight with thyroid.

Eat Small and Frequent Meals

Eating small and frequent meals may boost your body’s fat-burning potential. Consuming smaller, more frequent, healthful and nutritious meals may lead to weight loss.

Try A ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet typically reduces the total carbs intake to less than 50 grams a day. This can lead to weight loss, benefits for blood sugar and improve sleep significantly.

Eat Protein Rich Foods

Eating a high protein diet contains selenium, which enhances the biomarkers of hypothyroidism. They also help strengthen your bones and muscles.

Consume Enough Calories

Your calorie intake should be within the optimal calorie level, if you have thyroid. Adhere to the suggested calorie range set by a nutritionist.

Consume Antioxidants Rich Foods

Consuming foods rich in antioxidants may prevent radical cell injury, which initiates thyroid disease, weight gain, diabetes, and obesity.

Make Exercise a Habit

Regular exercise along with a balanced diet is the only way to burn calories and help you lose weight with thyroid. Physical activity also keeps your hormones humming.

Try High Fiber Diet

Eating a high fiber diet leads to weight loss, and it makes you fuller and satiated for a longer period of time. It can also prevent you from overeating.


Iodine is vital for healthy functioning of the thyroid and stimulates the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Iodine prevents thyroid diseases that result in weight gain.


Drinking enough water helps in the smooth functioning of your body in all aspects. Water makes you feel fuller, reduces your appetite and improves digestion.

Eat Healthy Fats

Consuming healthy fats is the backbone of hormone synthesis, helps to maintain good cholesterol levels and leads to weight loss.

Go for Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Thyroid may lead to joint aches, pains and depression, and eating anti-inflammatory foods can help ease those by soothing the immune system.

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