30 Day Pull Up Challenge For Men and Women – Get Fit (2024)

Most people feel that pull ups are one of the difficult exercises, but doing pull ups are rewarding and more beneficial upper body workouts all men and women can do. So, try this awesome 30 day pull up challenge!

The pull up is one of the best body weight workouts, that helps to work a large portion of your upper body and core muscle.

Many people find difficulty after two or three pull ups and they move on to another exercise. Instead of moving to another one, take your time to build your strength to complete a perfect pull ups set. That’s what this awesome 30 day pull up challenge is.

Or, if you are thinking of starting a few bodyweight exercises that can help to get you strong, in shape. Then you can start doing pull ups. Because, they really help you with losing fat, gaining muscle and strengthening the range of upper body muscle.

To do pull ups, all you need is a well secured bar and your own bodyweight. So, read this article till the end.  

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Benefits of Doing Pull Ups

There are a lot of benefits you will get by doing pull ups every day, but you need to do it correctly and know the correct technique.   

  • It will help to lose weight.
  • Improve Grip Strength.
  • Strengthen the back muscles, arm and shoulder muscles.
  • Improve Physical health.
  • Improve overall fitness level and body strength.
  • It will challenge your muscles and improve mental health.

If you don’t know how to do pull ups properly then check out the video below.

Try This Awesome 30 Day Pull Up Challenge

If you’re looking for an awesome pull up challenge then you are in the right place, here is your 30 day pull ups challenge. Do this 30 day pull ups challenge and see the progress you make over a month (30 day).

If you follow this pull up challenge for 30 days, you will end up doing 1000 pull ups in just 30 days (one month). To do this challenge you just need a pull up bar and your own body weight.

Is Warm Up important

It’s very important to warm up before starting to do pull ups, if you are new to the world of  pull ups, then you should take instruction from a personal trainer and know how to warm up properly.

Also, it’s very important to warm up your body before starting any exercise, and keep normal warm up in your routine. Also check out the below video to know the proper method for warming up.   

30 Days Pull Up Challenge

Days 1-5: 20 Pull Ups every day (100 Pull Ups in 5 days)

Day 6: Take Rest

Days 7-11: 30 Pull Ups every day (150 Pull Ups in 5 days)

Day 12: Take Rest

Days 13-17: 40 Pull Ups every day (200 Pull Ups in 5 days)

Day 18: Take Rest

Days 19-24: 50 Pull Ups every day (250 Pull Ups in 5 days)

Day 25: Take Rest

Days 26-30: 60 Pull Ups every day (300 Pull Ups in 5 days)

You can start slowly and easily; your goal is for 30 day and it will give you more mental challenge and physical challenge.   

Try to stick to the challenge and enjoy the progress, if you feel like sharing your progress on social media then tag your photos with the hashtag #30DayPullupchallenge. So, the friends and community can cheer you on!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it OK to Do Pull Ups Every Day?

    For beginner fitness level, performing pull ups every day is not recommended. Because recovery time and rest are needed for you to avoid stress and strain on your joints and muscles.

    Pull ups will give you more benefits if you add them in your workout routine and perform them every two to three days.  

  • How Many Pull-Ups are Good for Beginners?

    Its total depends on the person’s strength and their fitness level. Make sure you perform correctly: try to lift your body only with your arms and upper arms, and ensure you are not jumping as you do pull ups. You can only do pull ups two to three times a week. 


If you follow this 30 day pull up challenge then you will end with 1000 pull ups in just 30 days. Before taking any exercise, kindly take an instruction from a personal trainer.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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