09 Best Cable Crossover Machines for Home Gyms (2022)

Cable crossover machines are those machines that can’t be ignored, as they are an essential part of your home gym. To get your whole physique a new form and condition your entire body, these machines are the best fit. It profits in core stability and strengthening. 

Specific muscles are focused while doing exercise with cable crossover machines and those are particularly the small ones and to get your bigger muscles strong first you have to build up and make those small muscles indestructible. 

It is best suitable for strength training workouts as it includes cables, course and two handles or pulleys for doing exercises such as pulling them criss-cross, up, down diagonal and also with various other facilities.

It’s ability to be customized adds up a pro of using these machines so you don’t have to adjust yourself according to the machine, instead you can set the machine as per your height, your reach and your needs. 

So before buying one for yourself go through this article for knowing about some of the best crossover  machines that i know about, also I’ll be including pros and cons of it, just to give you an idea for what will be your best fit.

Best Cable Crossover Machines

01. XMark (XM-7626) Functional Trainer Machine

XMark XM-7626 is undoubtedly the most adaptable equipment for your home gyms. It can be easily adjusted according to any member of your family. It gives customers a choice of muscle targeting, isolation possibilities and other endless options with dual 200 pounds weight stacks.

The XM-7626 is robustly made, thanks to its 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel mainframe, while the commercial grade pull up rig and its pulley system are incredibly smooth. 

Its handles can be changed into 19 different positions each measuring 3.5’’ in length. Also the handles are 60″ apart to allow for the use of a bench, which increases the number of workouts possible. The client can likewise perform pull-ups and jaw ups on the split hold pull-up bar. It also has skid-resistant feet and a scratch-resistant, powder coat finish.


  • Heaviest weight stack (double stack totalling 400lbs)
  • Minimized for a home exercise center
  • Incorporates a draw up bar
  • Can be adapted to any person of any height
  • Has a fast change pulley with 19 settings


  • Not guaranteed as comparable to the others
  • Troublesome while assembling according to the instructions

02. Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 Function Trainer Machine

Body-Solid Powerline makes a wide range of wellness hardware and advantageously they make a high quality cable crossover as well. The PFT100 link trainer is outfitted with 2x 160 lbs weight stacks, which are upgradeable to 2x 210 lbs, so there is no requirement for your own weight plates.

The pulleys are upward flexible with a smooth turn of 180-degree scope of movement. The machine highlights 20 different beginning situations with 3.2″ hole spacing. As compared to XMark cable crossover, this machine utilizes a marginally unique plan, which is exceptionally straightforward, yet successful. It utilizes two straightforward shoulder wings that are associated by a draw up bar. It likewise accompanies 2 movable nylon link handles.

The PFT100 machine is an ideal decision for the people who need a completely fledged across the board link machine, yet can’t bear to burn through a lot of cash. It is as yet one of the most outstanding hybrid machines available and certainly worth its cost.


  • Durable and strongly developed
  • More smaller edge than most
  • Incorporated chin up bar
  • Double 160lb stacks, upgradeable to 210lbs


  • It doesn’t have defensive weight stack covers

03. ARCHON Wall Mount Cable Crossover

This specific piece of hardware varies a piece from XM-7626 and different stations predominantly in light of the fact that this one comprises 2 individual pulley -180-degree turns each wings that are not associated by a bar. This is both a star and a con.

Fortunately you can situate them as per your necessities, which is particularly helpful assuming you’re underneath or better than expected tallness. In the event that you have the divider space to mount this apparatus, it’s a super-solid plan for uncompromising cable workouts. Also it won’t occupy a large portion of the floor room like numerous bulkier plans. It accompanies all that you want to stack it up and lift comfortably with well-designed handles.

Every pulley slide can hold up to 250 lbs of max weight plates. The stature of the station is 82″ (208.3 cm).It highlights 4x linear metal balls for each plate carriage, 19 vertical positions, 180-degree turn per pulley.


  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • High weight limit
  • Affordable price
  • Saves space


  • Weight stacks are not available
  • Tough to mobilize it

04. Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover Station 

If you need an adaptable cable hybrid machine outline and have your own weight plates to stack it with, the Valor Fitness BD-61 of dimensions 56″ x 50″ x 81″ is an astounding home exercise gym cable machine.

One of the main models highlighting its own devoted pulldown and low line pulley connections notwithstanding two flexible arms with 17 stature positions, as well as a lat pull and low point pulley for twists.

You’ll have each muscle bunch covered with the adaptability of this machine. The lat pulldown association can be upgraded with the split draw up bar for ideal moderate overload as you get more grounded. Additional handle associations, for instance, rope handles and triangle handles can be bought separately.


  • Its footprints are small comparatively 
  • Has low cables and extra focal high
  • Has turning pulley support


  • Does not have plates

05. Body-Solid Powerline PCCO90X Cable Crossover 

As its name suggests it’s not just a basic link weight machine, it’s a cable crossover machine. The powerline is an entirely unexpectedly designed machine to others on this rundown up until this point. It has both advantages and downsides that we need to think about.

The primary thing about this item is that it has high space demand. This specific non-business model is less complex in design and capacities than PFT100, however it likewise costs significantly less.

The huge breadth pulleys are associated with a steel bar, which isn’t intended for pull-ups, however you can buy a great deal of discretionary connections, pull-up bar included. And happy news is that both low and high pulleys are fixed and offer 180-degree scope of movement. Dimensions(Gathered) – 112 x 39 x 82 inches.


  • Outstanding price 
  • Avail attachment options
  • Acknowledges Olympic/Standard plates


  • Need to buy weights separately
  • Not generally so solid as different crossover machines

06. Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer

Built of hard core steel and got done with a matte dark powder coat, it’s excellent and strong. It comes standard with two, 165 lb. Weight stacks and thirty turn pulley positions to consider total opportunity toward any path and unhindered activities.

You’ll have the option to get imaginative with a full arrangement of extras, including; a rear arm muscles rope, a couple of grand D handles, a jaw/plunge belt and a Curl bar. Very much like its Award winning brotherly FT1 twin, it’s the beginning and end you want in your home exercise center. It’s an all in one resource for useful preparation and critics call it perfectly perfect. A small, corner-fitting structure gets you a quality cable machine that won’t occupy a lot of room space.

The Inspire Fitness FTX of Dimensions: 40″ x 54″ x 85″ accompanies a decent variety of handles included, which you can organize in any of its 30 positions. Quite possibly the most granular link machine to suit any body type.


  • Smooth cables 
  • Saves space
  • Easy to assemble
  • One of the machines having great height


  • Weight stacks are not of enough weight

07. FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover 

Dimensions of this machine with fully extended arms are 60 L x 113 W x 84 H inches (152.4 x 287 x 213.4 cm) and the weight (including weight stacks) is 925 pounds. No hassle-warranty is given plus offered with free replacements. Also, for frame lifetime warranty is promised and 10 years for it’s parts plus one year for cables and labor.

Frame of this machine is built up of 7 and 11-gauge steel tubing, supporting up to 350 lbs of weight. The whole machine is powder coated so as to increase ease in exercising with it. It doesn’t require weight plates as it comes with 2 x 210 lbs weight stacks. As suggested by its name its arms can be moved in total free motion which gives the opportunity of varied exercises.


  • Industrially reviewed materials are used for manufacture
  • Free movement arm design
  • 10 yr warranty for parts and lifetime for its frame
  • Durable construction


  • Heavy in weight
  • Costly
  • It’s assembly can be troublesome

08. Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower 

The framework transport is completely gathered and includes a considerable lot of similar parts as the Monster Lat Pulldown 2.0 machine.

This independent unit transports completely collected standing 9 feet tall and involving a 83″ x 42″ footprint and incorporates a 300 LB weight stack, treated steel lat bar, diamond-tread adjustable footplate,6″ machined aluminum pulleys, and a set of exclusively assembled black carabiners-one each for the lat pulldown and the low column.

You can regardless play out a ton of different exercises. For the full group, in any case, you should contemplate purchasing a pinnacle – albeit this decision is really extreme. Guarantee your indoor space can oblige the height of this connection machine, as it stays at an amazing 108″, significantly taller than by far most of the connection crossover machines on this overview.

Dimensions: 60″ x 52.5″ x 108″


  • Newly- protected pulley framework
  • Comes with one of the most heaviest weight stacks
  • One of the best cable crossover machines available in market


  • Excessively tall for home gyms
  • Should be dashed to the floor

09. Titan Cable Crossover Machine 

Titan cable crossover machine(Dimensions: 36″ x 113″ x 83.5″) can hold all the weight you want. Assuming you’re a taller lifter, the additional width will permit you to get a full scope of movement on your hybrid activities.

It is a basic, plate-stacked cable machine with more than 9-inch plate holders. Still Titan crossover machine is equipped for some activities, including bicep twists, parallel raises, rear arm muscle pushdowns, chest flys, and some more.

The essential differentiations here are the prerequisite of your own weight plates to stack the pulleys with, and the shortfall of progress. This infers you can lift from the base or top positions. This outline additionally gives plentiful space to put a seat in the middle of the cables for significantly more exercise choices. A straightforward, financially savvy cable machine to add to your home gym.


  • Width more viable for chest flys
  • 9.75-inch plate holders
  • Low cost limit


  • Cables are not adjustable. Can be set only high or low


This implies you can undoubtedly expand your solidarity as well as perseverance and accordingly develop a more grounded core with time.So these were some of the best cable crossover machines I have come across. I have focused upon the needs of home gyms and selected such 9 machines to describe about. 

There can be plenty more options available in the market but before spending your money on such machines do consider some points, Is it a perfect fit for a home gym or not? Is it’s size and footprint as per your requirement? Does it allow you to do the types of exercise you wanna do? Does it come with enough weight capacity? Do go through these questions and find out the one machine which satisfies all such questions. 

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below.  

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