Male Body Types – The Ultimate Guide for Men’s Body Types

Male body types: every one knows what type of body we have, and knowing what type of body we have can be helpful when we are planning a workout routine. Your body’s natural tendencies allow you to make good exercise plans and that help you to achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re short, tall, underweight or overweight, lean or muscular but we are all familiar with our physiques and know how we look, do you know the current name of your body and typical characteristics that all go along with it.

It’s very important to identify your body types when it comes to health, setting realistic and your fitness goals. If you don’t know the actual body types then you may face trouble losing body weight or even gain.

So, here is the ultimate guide for male body types and explore them more in depth and analyze. 

What is Body Type

Body type also called as somatotype; it refers to three main generalized body types. They are endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. And it’s believed that the person’s body type was unchangeable.

How Can You Tell Your Body Type?

The easiest way to determine or tell your body type is to look at your physical characteristics. Blow are body types with their physical characteristics:

  • Ectomorph: if you have lean arms and legs, and almost no body fat, you look slime, then you are likely an ectomorph body type.
  • Mesomorph: if your body naturally lean, strong and muscular build, then you are a mesomorph body type.
  • Endomorph: if you’re with a smooth, round shape and have higher levels of body fat, then you are an endomorph body type.

Three Main Male Body Types

Three Main Male Body Types

Body types are characterized by somatotypes which are separated into three different categories. That are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph are the main male body types. And not everyone fits directly into these three categories and some male fit in 1 or 2 categories.

So, it’s important to identify in which category you will fall into, that will be a great way to create an effective exercise routine and diet plan. So, read the article till the end because here you better understand these 3 main male body types.

01. Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorph Body Type

Generally, ectomorphs are known as hard-gainers in the fitness industry, these types of body don’t have to worry about getting fat, but may struggle putting on muscle mass.

Ectomorphs are typically very thin with a small build, and very lean muscle. They tend to have thin shoulders, flat chests and it is very hard for them to put on weight because of fast metabolism. If they want to gain weight then they have to consume a higher number of calories.

Ectomorph Traits

  • Flat chest
  • Very Fast metabolism
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Small or narrow shoulder
  • It’s very harder to gain weight
  • Very thin
  • Very low body fat index
  • Small frame and bone structure
  • Get often hungry

How to Train Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorph body type is associated with small frame and bone structure, this male body type faces the greatest challenge of gaining weight, that’s why this type of body is called hard gainer.

If you want to build muscle and curl out a lean and strong physique, proper planning and consistency can help. If you’re not consistent you may find your result disappears quickly.

Strength training: try to do strength training, exercise should be short and intense that promotes maximum muscle. Such as deadlifts, bench-press, pull-ups, squats and dips.

Cardio: if you focus on muscle gain keep cardio to an absolute minimum, such as running and some exercise in the gym. Make sure that you eat something before starting to exercise.

How to Eat for an Ectomorph Body Type

If you have an ectomorph body type, you may face difficulty in gaining weight because it tends to have a very fast metabolism. If you eat more healthy food that will be a reward for you.

Try to eat 6 to 8 meals a day and make sure that you consume more protein. Eat lots of calorie-dense food like avocados, olive oil, dairy foods and nuts.

Supplements for an Ectomorph Body Type

Well, we don’t recommend supplements for ectomorphs to replace a balanced and healthy diet. A healthy diet can be extremely useful and gives more benefits.

Try to add chicken, white rice and broccoli in your diet, and that makes you more beneficial.

02. Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph Body Type

The Mesomorph body type is typically luckiest compared to other 2 types. This body type can build muscle without putting too much fat on your body. 

Mesomorphs tend to have a big muscle, large bone structure and naturally athletic physique. This is the body type that most bodybuilders find because it is quite easy to gain muscle and lose fat.

Mesomorph Traits

  • Well defined muscle
  • Naturally strong
  • Gains weight fairly easily
  • Athletic body
  • Normal metabolism
  • They can gain muscles easily
  • Average height
  • Larger frame
  • Looks rugged and squarish in shape

How to Train Mesomorph Body Type

Mesomorph body types have the ability to build muscle and lose fat easily. And the weight is fatter than muscle mass. you can easily gain muscle and maintain an athletic physique.

Strength training: exercise should be moderate around 60 minutes and more, should be focused on compound exercise that promotes muscle mass.

Cardio: try to incorporate some cardio exercise into your routine. If you want to lean up or lean muscle, you should keep cardio sessions around 30 to 60 minutes.

How to eat for a Mesomorph body type

Mesomorph body type can promote fat gain if you’re not careful. Make sure that you’re not going overboard when it comes to fat. The mesomorph can respond to higher protein diets.

Try to keep away carbohydrates and junk food if you want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Supplements for a Mesomorph Body Type

Well, we don’t recommend supplements to replace a balanced and healthy diet, a healthy diet is more helpful if you want to hit your fitness goals and live a healthy life.

If you’re looking for the best fat-burner and prevent muscle breakdown, you may consider BCAA or fat burner before cardio exercise.

03. Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorphs have a solid frame but they are often rounder and heavier. Men with this type of body can gain weight easily and usually, a leg with very strong muscle and short build with thick arms.

Generally, this is the body that has the most difficult to lose weight and they can put on weight very easily.

Endomorph Traits

  • Gain fat and muscle mass very easily
  • It’s very hard to lose weight
  • Slow metabolism
  • Tick arms and legs
  • Solid build
  • Round physique
  • Muscles poorly defined

How to Train Endomorph Body Type

Endomorph body types can gain weight and build muscles very easily but they may face difficulty in losing weight. Exercise is always recommended for weight control.

Strength training: try to add some strength training in your workout routine, and focus on heavy weightlifting and compound exercise.

Cardio: cardio is always recommended for weight management, and cardiovascular activities help to create a deficit to keep body fat to a minimum and promote a healthy lifestyle.

How to eat for an Endomorph body type

Endomorph body type is sensitive to insulin, so it’s important to keep carbohydrates consumption low. Try to keep a balanced and healthy diet.

Try to consume more protein and fiber foods like fruits., vegetables, whole-grain, and legumes.    

Supplements for an Endomorph Body Type

Well, we don’t recommend supplements to replace a healthy diet, because a balanced diet comes extremely useful to hit your fitness goals and healthy lifestyle.

You can consider burn fat and BCAA supplement before your cardio exercise, it may prevent muscle breakdown and improve your body’s fat-burning.

Can Body Type be changed?

If you are not satisfied with your body type, then you can build your muscles and lose fat with a great exercise routine and healthy diet. But recently cosmetic surgery has become a way to a new physical appearance.

QNA on Male Body Types

  • What are the 3 Male Body Types?

    Most people have different and unique body types, and they are combinations of the three main body types: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

  • Which Body Type is Best for Male?

    Every man is born with a different body type and appearance, living healthy with a lean muscle body is best for male, this is my recommendation.  

  • What are the Types of Body Shapes Male? 

    Here are 5 types of body shapes:

    01. Rectangle body shape
    02. Oval body shape
    03. Inverted triangle body shape
    04. Triangle body shape
    05. Trapezoid body shape

  • What’s Considered Tall for a Man?

    If your height is 6-feet or even taller, then you’re considered taller.

  • Which Body Type is Considered to be More Aggressive?

    The short answer is Mesomorph body type. Generally, people with a mesomorph body type are considered more aggressive.

  • How Do Endomorphs Lose Weight?

    If you’re endomorph body type, then you need to focus on your nutrition and do cardio consistently and also, include strength training in your workout routine. When you combine these habits in your daily life, you can lose weight. 


If you want to fit into a specific body type, then your focus should be on workout routine and healthy diet. Before starting any kind of fitness goal, kindly talk to a doctor or personal trainer. They can recommend your best exercise routine and balanced diet.   

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below.

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