How to Become a Hand Model – 7 Tips to Get Into Hand Modeling

Well, so many people have very attractive hands and want to get into hand modeling but they don’t know how to become a hand model. So, read this article till the end.

Hand modeling is have a very high madams in modeling industry, there are so many brands are wants to show their products with perfect hand models.

If you meet the requirements of hand modeling then now one will stop up to get into this industry. 

Becoming a model is that many of us dream and if you have attractive and nice looking hands, so you can easily become hand model, so before enter in this niche you need to know something about this profession.

What is a Hand Modeling?

What is a hand modeling

The modeling is basically some who model with their hands and hand modeling is a sub category of body parts modeling.  These models advertise so many products associated with hands, such as wearing jewelry in hand, promoting cosmetics products and more.

The brands like L’Oreal Paris and Revlon hired models to promote their cosmetics products like make-up, shampoo, Moisturizer, Nail polish and more. This is the perfect modeling for those who struggle with their height but they have beautiful and attractive hands.

You can see the hand models appearing in television commercials, Editorial work and print campaigns for big brands like Fairy Liquid, Cartier and more. Hand models where they promote their products in various hand poses such as applying lipstick, wearing a good watch and wearing a ring etc.

What are the Requirements to Become a Hand Model?

You need to have beautiful and attractive hands to enter in hand modeling industry. First you need to understand that any of your body parts unique by compering to others that could be your hands, legs, face and lips.

If you’re trying to get into hand modeling then you need to know your eligible for this kind of work, basically your hands should be very attractive to become a hand model. Your skin should be clean and smooth; there is no tattoo required on your hands.

Your hands should be very flexible, long and slender fingers are preferred.

 07 Best Tips of How to Become a Hand Model

How to Become a Hand Model

Some people dreamed to be a hand model but they don’t know how to start or how to get into hand modeling, so here is step by step guide.

Well, hand models are in high demand in modeling industry because there are numbers of brands need models to market their products including cosmetics, nail polish, lotion and jewwllery etc.

Hand models required for close-up shoots for any products that associated with hands.

01. Study and Practice of Our Hands

You need to study and learn about posing with you hands, there are so many posing images in internet and YouTube, you can learn and start practicing your poses.

You may start practicing most common hand poses and also practice holding any different objects In front of the camera and improve your skills.

02. Take Care of Your Hands

If you want to become a hand model then you should take care of your hands on regularly, you should know that not to do anything that may damage your hands.

You also need to eat healthy and get enough sleep, trim your nails on weekly and the important thing is to avoid activities that could put your hands in danger.

03. Start Living in Big City

If your very serious about to become a hand model, then you can move to big media city in your state and remember that don’t move hundreds of miles away from your area.

 If your beginner in modeling then gets some experience in your city then only for more opportunity or for better career you may move to big city.

04. Keep your Hand Ready to Shoots

Keep your hand ready to shoots

You should keep your hands always ready to shoots, who will know that when your shoot will start. So, keep your hands always ready.

Make you your hand always attractive and beautiful, take a special care of your thumb because its play huge role in hand shoots.

05. Do a Good Manicure

Always remember before go to a shoot always do a good manicure and keep your hands tip-top shape, beautiful and very attractive.

06. Find Good Agency and Send Portfolio

You always need to do research on agencies and find a right and good agency, also create a modeling portfolio before contacting any agencies.

You can tell your friend to capture pictures of your hands and build your portfolio strong. Make sure that while sending any photos to agencies always send a natural photo and don’t put any filters.

07. Have Some Patience 

Your struggle to get a job as a hand model and getting rejected so many times then don’t give up. Because modeling industry is very competitive compare to other professions, so you need to have some patience and work harder.

How Should you Prepare for a Hand Model Shoot?

you Prepare for a Hand Model Shoot

There are few things you need to do before of a shoot if you got a job of modeling with hands. You need to take care of your hands on daily because you may hear about your job on very less time. So, you should always prefer or ready for shoot.

Make sure that your hands are attractive and keep them away from any danger things. You need to drink enough water so your skin be a hydrated and smooth.

Who are the Famous Hand Models in the World?

There are so many hands models who successful in their life and making good amount of money. Few models are modeling not only with their hand, also feet, legs, lips and face.

One of the famous hand models called Adele Uddo and also she model for a other areas also such as eyes, lips, chest, feet and legs.

So here are we listed some of the famous hand model or body parts models.

Same Best Hand Modeling Agencies

Once you fully read to work then start approaching modeling agencies. There are so may modeling agencies are looking for a new talent, if you have attractive and beautiful hands then hand modeling is for you. So, here are listed some of the best modeling who looking for a new model.

  • Ford models
  • Next models
  • First models
  • TCM Models and talents
  • BMG Models

How Much Do Hand Model Make?

Hand models can earn enough money to live a better life, there are some models earning high amount of money. The hand model’s salary is depending on how much you get the work because basically you get paid by the project.               

 Experienced Hand models may earn an average of $1000 to $1500 per day if you’re doing any TV work and for print campaigns $1500 to $2000 per day. Most of the hand models working as a part time and they are earning not much.


 Here we learn about how to become a hand model and how to get into hand modeling. So, if you’re trying to get into modeling then do your research and get more and more knowledge about industry.

There are some dishonest people will try to get disadvantages of you, so be careful and avoid scams.

Hopefully you learn something, if you have any suggestions and questions put them in a comment box below.

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