How to Become a Print Model – 7 Best Tips to Get into Print Modeling

There are numbers of people want to get into a print modeling but they don’t know how, so here are 7 best tips for how to become a print model.

There are tons of modeling agencies in the world and each modeling agencies have their own requirements in terms of facial features, height, weight etc. we can see these models in magazines, newspapers, huge posters outside of malls or big stores and more.

The print modeling industry is constantly looking for new talent and fresh face; also the agencies and clients are looking for the right model and right look to advertise their products and services.

If you want to get into print modeling then it depends on your appearance, on your special skills and presence, you could be their model if you reach their requirement. So read this article till the end you get to know that how to become a print model.

What is Print Modeling?

Print modeling is editorial fashion modeling; print modeling is like showcasing the current trend or style.

Print models are features in many different type publications, such as; billboards, magazines, banners, posters, print advertisements, campaigns and more.

What are the Requirements to be a Print Model?

If you’re trying to get into print modeling, then you should have requirement of high fashion modeling. You must have good skin, skinny body, attractive face, pretty smile and you should be tall and skinny.

If you’re a female then you should have a body measurements are 34-24-34,  

7 Best Tips for How to Become a Print Model

how to become a print model

There are so many different types of categories in modeling and print modeling is like printed advertisements and display advertisements, so if you want to get into print modeling then red this article because here are7 best tips for how to become a print model.  

01. Know the Requirements

You need to do your research on agencies and you need to know that what the modeling agencies are looking for. As an aspiring model you need to know what the requirements you need have to get into print modeling.

You should target the agency that you want to get into and do your own research on that agency. If you feel comparable and the agency is right for you then start submitting your portfolio.

Print modeling is not strict in terms of body requirements compares to high fashion modeling but you should be tall, skinny and they gives more preference on your looks.  

You need to know the market of print modeling and if you feel that you are in the right market then start submitting portfolio and meet agencies for open calls.   

02. Have More Pictures with Different Looks

Have more pictures with different looks

You need to have more and more pictures with different looks and poses because agencies will know that what kind of you have features.

You don’t need to take pictures from professional photographers and spending more money. You can just shoot with your friends or family. The agencies will look only wee-focused, quality and high in resolution photos.

If it is best you can send photos of without makeup and wearing simple clothes that the agency can know your natural look and they might get ideas on what kind of features you have.  

03. Increase Social Media Followers

Increase social media followers

Nowadays, everything is shifting to digital and even magazines also, so if you want to become a print model you need to get more followers on social media especially instagram is the best platform.

There are tons of people consume content on daily basis and if you have social media presence then there are lots of doors that open for you.

Most of the agencies casting models and looking fresh faces on social media and also started inviting aspiring models, so be active on social media and start posting picture on regularly, be open to collaborate with brands.

04. Prepare a Composite Card

Composite card is called as comp card and it contains all basic information that agencies and clients need to know about you, such as your headshot and several photos, your name, height, hair color, shoe size, dress size, body measurements and contact information etc.

The comp card you have to give to agencies, clients. Casting directors and photographers, who are looking for a talents.  This is basically for remembering you and for to get contact information.

05. Have a killer Modeling Portfolio

Get into Print Modeling

A modeling portfolio is a collection of your good photos; portfolio shows the ability, range of your expressions and your physical attributes of models.

These photos are summited to modeling agencies and clients for getting singed or for getting work.

You should have a good modeling portfolio to kick-start your career in print modeling. If you have the amazing portfolios then carry to go-sees, casting calls and agencies interviews.

You have to build a modeling portfolio both physically and digitally, a good modeling portfolio is very important to enter in print modeling.

You don’t have idea to build a modeling portfolio read this article; modeling portfolio for beginners.

06. Search Agencies and Casting Calls

You can start searching a modeling agencies and casting calls in your city and use a social media. You will find a modeling casting call through social media.

You can follow local photographer, local agencies and local disagrees on instagram, twitter and Facebook, they all are post a casting calls and modeling jobs on social media.

Start doing your own research in your city and find out modeling agencies and casting calls. There are numbers of auditions sites create an accounts on sites. Finding an right agency is bit difficult but do your research and take your next step.

07. Attend the Industry Events

Attend the industry events

Start attending the modeling industry events in your city because you can meet new people who are working in modeling industry, will meet models and designers, these people can help you to finding modeling jobs and good agency.

Start building your network with them; be nice with them and then start getting suggestions, advice and ask questions about their work and about modeling, this how you build a your own network  and these will help to enter in a print modeling.

How Much do Print Models Make?

There are numbers of category in modeling and print modeling is one in these, if started your career then you may work free to get your amazing portfolio. Print modeling category models can be well-paid an average of $300 to $400 per hour and if your beginner then you can expect $30 to $50.



Here we know about how to become a print model and there are 7 best tips to get into print modeling.

If your dream is to be in big poster, banners then start your own hard work, be passion about your dream and do your research because there are some dishonest people are try to take a advantages of your so be care full, and best of luck.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any suggestions or and question put them in a comment box below.

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