How to Become a Plus Size Model – 7 Tips to Get into Plus Size Modeling

Recent time, the plus size modeling is fastest growing industry in modeling industry and there are lots of full-figured woman want to get into plus size modeling but they don’t know how to start? Well, here are best 7 tips of how to become a plus size model.

There are numbers of plus size models who successful in modeling and they are booking more and more jobs in modeling. We can see them in fashion campaigns, print modeling, commercial advertisements and more.

The top international modeling agencies are looking for more plus size models because the plus size modeling opportunities are day by day increasing in the industry.

If you have always dreamed to be a model but you thinking about your full-figured and worried about that you don’t fit the model requirements, so now you can get started plus size modeling there are so many agencies are inviting you.

If you want to become one of famous plus size model then read this article till the end here are we covered how to become a plus size model, what are the requirements need to be a plus size model, what kind of jobs you get as a plus size model and how much do plus size model make.

Get into Plus Size Modeling

What is the Plus Size Modeling?

Plus size models also called as curvy models and plus size model is a category of modeling in modeling industry, these models are size 6 and above who have a full-figured body.  

Plus size models are large than an average models, and they also doing fashion campaigns, commercial modeling and more.

Plus size models are high demand in modeling industry; there are so many brands want to promote their products through plus size models. The plus size models just have to promote the clothes of designers and clients.  

What are the Plus Size Models Requirements?

Plus size modeling is bit different compare to other category of modeling. There are no strict requirements to get into plus size modeling but you have to be full-figured body and the usual size start from 12 and up with good body features.

The height requirements also depending on which types of plus size model you want to be and there is no strict height requirement to be a plus size model.

But usual for fashion plus size models can be 5’8” to 5’10’ and for fit plus size models can be 5’5” to 5’9” and commercial plus size models can be any size.

You have full-figured body with fit then you get more and more work in this industry and you should have a healthy habit, good health, good hairs, clear skin, good teeth, good nails and you should have to maintain your size.

7 Best Tips for How to Become a Plus Size Model

7 Best tips for how to become a plus size model

Nowadays, Plus size models have a high demand in modeling industry because of full-figure majority of people in the world.

The plus size modeling industry growing day by day and you can see plus size models who wearing designer’s cloths on fashion campaigns, in magazines, in commercial advertise and also on online stores.

 So, here are 7 best tips of how to become a plus size model or how to get into plus size modeling. If you want to become a plus size model then read this article till the end.

01. Do your Own Research

You want get into plus size modeling then start doing your own research, there are few thing that you should research on your own and first ask yourself that what kind of models you want be.

You need to study and learn about the currently working plus size model and also about modeling agencies.

If you start doing your research then you will get clear picture of what modeling agencies are looking and what the modeling industry looks like.

If you meet agencies then they can feel that you are series about your career in modeling. So, do your research and learn more and more.

02. Practice in front of the Mirror

Practice in front of the mirror

You need to practice in front of the mirror, before going to photo shoot for your portfolio or an open call. You need to know your good angles, need to know your body shape and also you need to know what your good side is.

You can practice yourself in front of the mirror, know your best poses and improve your poses. You can play with different poses and also learn how plus size models do walk on the runway, so practice these things in front of the mirror daily bases.

03. Take Care of Your Body

You need to take care of your body, plus size models need to have a healthy hair, clear skin, good teeth and nails, also body need to be fit with fuller figure.

Being a plus size model is bit difficult because they have to maintain the body shape. So, take care of yourself by drinking enough water, do exercise regularly, eat healthy food more vegetables, fruits, and meet.

04. Be Confident on Your Body

You need have confident on your body if you’re trying to get into plus size modeling, if you have a confident what you are then chances are more to be a successful plus size model.

You need have more comfortable with your body shape and its size, if your uncomfortable with your body then becoming plus size model will be more difficult.

You need to love your appearance and improve you confident by taking and thinking positive about yourself.

05. Create High Quality Modeling Portfolio

plus size models portfolio

If you want to get into modeling then you need to have a quality modeling portfolio, as a beginner plus size model, your portfolio is like your resume.

You can try to work with photographer for free and get some test shoot, so you can have some images to build your modeling portfolio.

You need to have some basic photos in natural lighting, your portfolio need to include verity of looks and poses in order to show off your range.

If you want to build your portfolio read this article: modeling portfolio for beginners

06. Contact the Agencies that Promote Plus Size Models

You need to contact the agencies in your city that promote plus size models. There are numbers of modeling agencies they are open their doors for plus size models but you need to choose right and good modeling agency.

If you comfortable with any agency then submit your portfolio by mail and fill the submitting form in their website and try to meet them personally.

Remember, you never every pay anything to join the agencies, if the agency I asking money to join then walk away from there. Before going to meet the agencies do your research on agency, look their reviews, visit their website and check.

Remember, you can contact the agency ones you fee comparable and like the agency.

07. Attend Open Calls

You done with contacting agencies, and then try to find out open calls and castings calls, try to attend them. You need to know what are the specific requirements are that agency need.

If you’re going to attend open calls and casting calls, you need to have idea about what you need to wear and what to need to bring.   

What Kind of Jobs Plus Size Models Do

What kind of jobs plus size models do

There are tons of jobs are available for plus size models and in modeling industry plus size models have high demand and the curvy models market is growing very fast. Well, we mention some of the options that you can see them.

  • On Runway or catalogs
  • In Top magazines,
  • In commercial advertisements and in editorials
  • In fit and showroom models
  • In print campaigns
  • In online store (like Amazon and Flipkart)
  • In art modeling

Some Agencies for Plus Size Models

Some agencies for plus size models

There are numbers of top modeling agencies worldwide and they are opened their doors for plus size models and they are making them a plus size superstars.

The agencies are created a separate division for plus size models and they are ready to take different size models, so here we mention some of the famous plus size modeling agencies.

  • IMG
  • Next
  • ICON
  • B&M Models
  • Wilhelmina
  •  Curve Models (Germany)
  • Bridge Models (united kingdom)
  • Ford+
  • Front Management

Who are the Famous Plus Size Models

There are so many plus size models who are working with top agencies and with big brand, they are very successful in their career.

If you want to get into plus size modeling, this is best idea that study about famous plus size model and learn from them, so here we are list some famous plus size models.

How Much Do Plus Size Model Make?

If you are beginner you can get paid very less and if you have experience then you get very good amount as a plus size model.

Plus size models can well-paid an average of $200 to $ 500 per hour and if your aspiring models you may work free to build good modeling portfolio.

The model salary is depends on how the model market is and how much famous models is.


Here we learn about how to become a plus size model or how to get into a plus size modeling. Being a plus size model is bit hard compare to other category of models because you have to work hard to maintaining your body.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestion put them in a comment box below.

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