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As an aspiring model or as a beginner model you should have a modeling portfolio to kickstart your career in modeling industry. Is your looking for how to build a model portfolio then here is the step-by-step guide?

Well, starting career in modeling industry is very challenging and bit difficult. If you’re trying to get into this industry then you should have a killer modeling portfolio and creating your own portfolio is pretty easy, so here we are given best steps of how to build a model portfolio.

It’s important to get a killer model portfolio but also there are lots more things you need to know while creating your portfolio. So, read this article till the end.

What is Modeling Portfolio?

What is modeling portfolio

A modeling portfolio is like a model’s CV and a model portfolio is the collections of best photos of model that will show the model range and ability.

Model’s portfolio is a folder containing some best photos of models and models have to take with them to castings or interviews in order to show the ability of models to the agencies or Clint’s.

Nowadays, so many models create their portfolio in digital version so they can send via-mail or through internet.

Why do I Need a Modeling Portfolio?

Well, all the models need a modeling portfolio including experience and aspiring models to show their range and experience as a model.

If you are freelance model or signed with agency, still you need a modeling portfolio. A model takes their portfolio with them to any casting call or any model’s interview and agency or brands will be judged based on their photos of their portfolio.

So, modeling portfolio is very important that the killer portfolio stands out from the lots of crowed.  

How to Build a Model Portfolio – 7 Best Tips

How to Build a Model Portfolio

A modeling portfolio is the best idea to of getting noticed by modeling agencies. If you want to get into modeling industry, it is tricky enough but if you don’t have a portfolio then you will make it even harder.

So, in this article shows you how to build a modeling portfolio and also how do you use it.

01. Decide you’re Modeling Type

First you need to decide what kind of model you want to be, there are many different types of category in modeling and you can get into one.

Some of the categories of modeling have a specific requirement in terms of your skill level and physical appearance and more.

You need to create you modeling portfolio that should be reflect on the category of modeling that you want to be. It will help to modeling agency to place you in a particular category.

02. Hire a Professional Photographer

Hire a professional photographer

It’s very important to hire a good experienced photographer to create your modeling portfolio. If you have singed with any agency then in many cases the agency will offer you to get a shoot with their photographer but they will charge you for it.

The best idea of choosing a best photographer is to check their work and also check their experience if they have with any models or with any agency.

Or, you can call the local modeling agencies and find out who are the photographers working with them and ask the agency to give the contact number.

Because these photographers will have experience with models and they know what agency looks for in modeling portfolio?  

03. Practice Your Posing

Practice Your Posing

It very important to practice your posing, if you’re your aspiring models or experienced model make sure that practicing your poses because practice makes you perfect.

Well, take a good use of internet and try to search about types of poses, check out the magazines, campaigns or there are lots of videos on YouTube try to emulate any poses that you see.  

You can practice in front of the mirror and understand your best angels and also try different angels while taking your pictures.

04. Chose you Outfits for Shoot

Choosing clothes for shoot is very important that you need to do before your portfolio shoot and also choosing outfits should be depends on the types of category of modeling that you want to be.

Your choice should be simple like jeans and plain white t-shirt, and stay away from printed and pattern clothes.

05. Choose Your Best Photos

Choose your best photos

If you done with you photo shoot then it’s very challenging to choose the best photos for professional portfolio. While choosing the best photos of you try to focus on quality and versatility.

Your portfolio should contain between 16 to 20 photos and make sure that you selected mid-shots, head shots and full body shots in a different poses and different outfits. 

06. Get it Professionally Printed

Once you selected best phots of you then its time to get it professionally printed. Make sure that you’re not going to print at home. Its best idea to get printed your portfolio from printing shop.

Remember, your modeling portfolio will help you to find work and get success in modeling industry. So, make sure that all photos are in high quality and natural.

07. Include Your Model Details

You need to include some of the details of you and main thing is never lie in your portfolio. You need to check your measurements and update in your portfolio because agency or brands wants to know your sizing and they get a idea about whether you fit in their clothes are not.

You must include this following information

  • Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body measurements
  • Shoe size
  • Dress size
  • Contact information    

Where can I Buy a Model Portfolio Book?

Model Portfolio Book

There are lot of different places to models can purchase a portfolio but its totally depends on what model want to include in their portfolio.

If the model needs to have just photos in their portfolio then you can choose the professional photographer’s studio that have a more experience in modeling specific filed.

Or you can buy a physical portfolio book in your near market. Or you can tell portfolio creator to your photos built into a physical folder but the creator will take some extra money.

How Big your Portfolio Should be?

Your modeling portfolio should be containing around 10 to 22 different style photos and also these photos should be in the same size but in some cases the agencies will ask the different sizes, it totally depends on where you live.

The common size is A4 but in same cases bit larger or smaller sizes.


Here we have known about how to build a modeling portfolio, if you have a best professional modeling portfolio but still get rejection for certain agencies or brands.

Rejection are the part of our life so don’t be sad, work harder, be passionate about your dream and having a best modeling portfolio will increase the chances of success.

Hopefully you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in a comment box below.

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