Curly Beard – How to Straighten Your Curly Beard

There are lots of men with naturally curly beards and they are struggling to maintain curly beards. So here are four best ways to maintain curly beard and five steps to straighten your curly beard.

Curly beard looks thicker, fuller and luxurious than straight beard and Curly beard grows in all directions. Some men like to have their beard just the way it is, and others like to make their beard straighten.

Well, many people consider having a curly beard that gives a more attractive overall appearance and they have a choice to keep their beard curly or straighten it.

Curly beard is very less common than straight beard, consider yourself lucky that you have a curly beard and are unique.

However, Curly beard requires more care compared to a straight beard. So here are four best ways to maintain your curly beard.

Why Some Men Get Curly Beards

Why some Men Get Curly Beards

This is the one question asked often, the answer is your Age, genetics. Some men getting curly beards totally depends on their genetics, the DNA of the facial hair follicle.

Apart from genetics, your daily routine or your diet has a big impact on your beard. So, keep a good healthy routine and eat healthy food.

Downsides of Curly Beards

There are have many downsides of having a curly beard,

Curly beards take more time to grow longer compared to straight beards. Well, a straight beard grows about three times faster than a curly beard.

If you have a curly beard then you may face some problems like hygiene issues, split ends, and a rough texture.   

Make sure that you are keeping your curly beard clean, otherwise all the dirt, bacteria and germs will go straight into your face.   

Once you are comfortable with your curly beard then you will enjoy the benefits that come with curly beard.  

04 Best Ways to Maintain Curly Beard

Best Ways to Maintain Curly Beard

As already said, the curly beard needs more care than a straight beard, because a curly beard needs more moistures and styling to keep these beards nice and set.

So, here we’re given the best 4 ways to maintain your curly beard.

01. Trim Your Bread Often

It’s very important to trim your curly beard often and keep it in a nice way. Because curly beard can grow wild and will go out of control quickly.

If you are going to get trimmed every week then it will help to keep your curly beard healthy and help to keep in the shape that you want.

02. Keep Your Beard in Short

It’s very important to keep your curly beard in short, because your curly facial hair is close to your skin and if you’re not keeping them clean then may promote acne or pimples on your face.

Also, if your curly beard is longer then all the dirt, bacteria and germs may go straight to your face. Not everyone wants to have a massive beard, so you can grow a fuller, thicker and shorter beard that looks more attractive.

03. Improve Your Washing System

You need to improve your washing system, your curly beard requires shampooing at least a few times in week and you should always use beard oil on a daily basis.

If you’re washing your curly beard and using a beard oil, that will make your beard smooth and also help to maintain it easier.  

04. Regular Brushing

It’s very important to brush your curly beard, if you want to look attractive and natural then you gotta brush your curly beard every day.

Generally, you need a good quality boar bristle brush, this will help to get rid of the unruly frizz and will keep your beard naturally.

Remember that do not use low quality plastic combs to brush your beard as these will damage your beard.  Brush your beard once every day, if you’d like to brush more than ok. 

How to Straighten Your Curly Beard – 5 Best Ways 

There are many ways to make your curly beard straight and having curly beard you may face a bit of challenges.

If you want your curly beards to look straight then you need to follow a good facial hair grooming routine with the right guidance and right tools.

Here are 5 best ways to straighten your curly beard.

01. Wash Your Beard With Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

Well, the process of straightening your curly beard begins from washing your beard with good beard shampoo and conditioner. This will help to reduce the elasticity and texture of the curly beard and also, help to make it straighten manually.

Whenever you’re washing your beard don’t use regular shampoo, there are many shampoo’s particularly for beard. That will help your curly beard to grow and maintain beard health.

02. Straighten Your Beard with Beard Brush or Comb

The second process, you need to brush your beard. You need to prepare with a comb, hair dryer and silicone cream to straighten your curly beard.

After washing your curly beard with beard shampoo, apply silicone cream on your beard. The silicone cream will keep your beard straight for the entire day. After that use a comb and blow dryer to straighten your curly beard.

Do this routine in the morning after shower to ensure that your curly beard is straight the entire day.  

03. Use Mini Beard Straightener

If you still have a curly beard then it’s time to use a mini beard straightener to keep your curly beard straight. It will take a bit more work to keep straightening your curly beard with a mini beard straightener.

But if you want to keep your curly beard straight the entire day then this will help to get the job done effectively.

There are some other alternatives for beard straighteners called beard heat comb but it will not be effective as a beard straightener.  

04. Moisturize Every Day

It’s very important to moisturize your curly beard every day, because curly beard is a bit difficult to maintain and you’re moisturizing your beard every day. That will help to hydrate each strand and will keep your beard healthy.

If you want your curly beard to look straight then moisturize your beard as possible. 

05. Use Proper Beard Routine

If you are not using a proper beard routine, then it’s very difficult to maintain a curly beard. you need to get advice and technique to use the things in the proper way to maintain curly beards.

There are many things that are available in the market that will help you to keep your beard straight but before using any product on your beard, kindly know how it will work on your beard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Straighten a Curly Beard Without Heat?

    Here are 4 best steps to do straighten a curly bear without heat:

    01.Give your beard a good cleanse
    02. Make sure to dry your beard while patting it down
    03. Apply the beard oil
    04. Apply texture beard balm
    05. Finally, you can see lot straighter

  • Are Curly Beards Attractive?

    Normally, when people talk about their hair, curly hair is considered attractive. It’s a favorite among the ladies as it looks young and attractive. When it comes to beards curly beards with a lot thicker and fuller can be attractive. 


Making your curly beard straight and maintaining a curly beard is not hard but it will be taking time. There are many things that you can use and keep your curly beard straight the entire day.

Hopefully, you have knowledge about curly beard, if you have any question or any suggestion kindly put them in the comment box below.

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