How to gain MUSCLES for SKINNY Guys – 1 Full DIET plan

Are you too skinny and people are telling you don’t have anything in your body except bones, and then this article is for you? How you can gain muscles for skinny guys, and some people don’t get results soon due to their genetics and hormones.

You tried different diets, you changed a lot of trainers and you tried different workouts, still you’re skinny. Also, you’re feeling that your metabolism is so fast and you’re not able to gain muscles. Then there are a few things that you’re doing incorrectly.  

If you have a goal in your life and you want to gain muscle, then you have to work out daily, even eat clean foods high in nutritional value and also get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

If you want to change your way of your body; then this article is full of guides to gain muscles for skinny guys.

In this article we would explore how many calories you can eat, how many times you should eat to gain muscles, 5 best tips for a skinny guy and finally a good diet plan.

10 Best Tips to Gain Muscle for Skinny Guys 

If you want to gain muscle then here are 10 best tips that you can follow. 

The body transformation from skinny to muscle is a bit difficult but not impossible. You need to know that your diet plan or your nutritional plan is a lot more important than you think it is.

Lot of people workout like crazy at the gym but then they eat the wrong kind of food. Then they wonder why they can’t seem to gain any muscle. If you don’t have a good nutritional plan then you’re planning to fail. With that in mind we are going to give you the best 5 tips that’s definitely gonna help you out.

01. Eat More

You got to eat a lot more, you might say I eat a lot of food; well, it’s not enough if you’re not gaining weight. You have to eat more than or at least 3000 to 3,500 calories a day.

First you should know your maintenance calories for your body and then eat 300 to 400 calories more than you maintain calories. You have to almost double the amount of food that you eat every day.

02. Eat More Nutrient Dense and Healthy Carbs

Best Tips to Gain Muscle for Skinny Guys

more nutrient-dense and healthy carbs like whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole wheat, bread potatoes, sweet potatoes and oatmeal man. These foods are high in carbs and more in nutrients so you need to add in your regular diet.

03. Whey Proteins

You can add whey proteins in your daily diet: but of course, you don’t need to use this, you can just go natural.

I would suggest using whey proteins; because it really will help your muscles to grow faster. You should use good quality whey protein that will give your muscles what they need to grow bigger.

04. Eat More Non-Veg

You have to eat more lean meat, fish, beef, chicken and especially eggs, these foods will give you the protein you need.

You can eat a lot of eggs, because they are affordable and it’s high-quality protein and beef is also great because it has all the essential amino acids and it gives your body what you want. 

05. Eat More Vegetables

Eat More Vegetables to Gain Muscle

If you’re a vegetarian you can also get really good protein from vegetables. Even if you’re not a vegetarian you’ll still need good vegetables in your diet.

You should eat mostly green vegetables to gain muscle like spinach and broccoli. Then you will also need healthy fats for your overall health and strength.

Healthy Whole Foods like dairy products, olive oil, nuts and avocados; these are high in healthy fat.

06. Eat 6 Meals a Day

It’s very important to eat 6 to 8 times per day to gain muscle, but remember don’t eat whatever, you need to eat clean and healthy food.

Eating 6 meals a day makes people eat more and they can complete their calories intake.

07. Get Enough Sleep

It’s best to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, especially if you are looking to build muscle then getting enough sleep enhances muscle recovery through hormone release and protein synthesis.

So, it is very important to sleep 7 to 8 hours per night if you’re gaining muscle. 

08. Drink Calories

Drink Calories to Gain Muscle

Then the next tip is for skinny guys to drink some of your calories. If you are not reaching your daily calorie intake, then try to drink regular milk, protein smoothies, and fruit juice for extra nutrients. 

09. Do More Compound Exercise

If you’re looking to bulk your body then start doing more compound exercise because these exercises target the greatest portion of muscle. So, it will help with muscle building.  

If you’re a beginner then compound exercises can help you to build your foundation quicker and they help you to lift heavier weight and build more overall strength. 

10. Set Goals and Work for it Every Day

The important tip is to set your goal first and start working for it every day, if your goal is to build muscle then be patient and work for it harder.

Make yourself stronger and keep small goals first and try to achieve them. 

Healthy Diet Plan for Gain Muscles for Skinny Guys

Healthy Diet plan for gain muscles for skinny guys

Most people will think about how much time I should eat to gain muscle (weight); the best answer is six times in a day. Three main meals and then three snacks in between, it will help to gain muscles for skinny guys.

Here we will give you a good diet chart for skinny guys to gain muscles (weight) and also give you what and how much you can normally eat in a day.

For Breakfast

  • 8 tablespoons of oats 
  • one medium banana 
  • one handful mixed nuts 
  • 250 milliliters whole milk and one scoop whey protein

For Snack

  • Its snack time and you can take a whey protein shake
  • 250 milliliters milk 
  • one scoop whey protein 
  • one medium banana
  • three strawberries 

 For Lunch

  • In a lunch time you can eat bit lightly
  • Egg on toast with two slices whole wheat bread
  • six slices of tomato
  • a half avocado
  • four large eggs

For Snack

  • For snack again proteins shake
  • 250 milliliters of milk 
  • one big scoop whey protein 
  • one medium banana 
  • one cup of oatmeal
  • also, you can add some carbs and then one tablespoon of peanut butter

For dinner

  • For dinner two cups whole wheat pasta or brown rice
  • 300 grams of chicken or beef or fish
  • 150 grams of vegetables like broccoli or spinach

For Snack

  • 250 milliliters of milk
  • Two any fruits 
  • A handful mixed nuts 
  • One scoop of whey protein 

This is a basic meal plan every day that helps skinny guys to gain some muscles, it can change here and there.

You should always eat between 3,000 to 3500 calories a day. If you work out and eat consistently the right way you will gain the muscle that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it Easier for Skinny Guys to Gain Muscle?

    You can gain muscles and lose fat at the same time but if you’re a skinny guy then it may be harder to gain muscles. because muscle gains come slowly, and you need to focus on intake calories and exercise routines. Taking too many calories can gain a bunch of fat instead of muscles.

  • How Long Does It Take for a Skinny Guy to Gain Muscle?

    If you’re a skinny guy and want to gain muscles, then first you should focus on gaining muscle mass. Given at least one year, you can easily gain about 10 to 12 kg muscle. Then you can start the cutting phase and 3 months of cutting phase is enough to burn that fat. So about 15 to 18 months are enough (sufficient) for skinny guys to gain muscles.

  • How Much Muscle Can a Skinny Guy Gain?

    Generally, you can expect to gain about 0.2 to 0.25 pounds of muscles in the first week. you need to focus on exercises and a balanced diet to increase your muscles gaining process. 


The huge problem most people have is not with the workout routine, the diet plan or a full of these things. 

The biggest problem is what’s going on in your head, don’t worry about what people think when you go to the gym and you’re scared that they’re gonna think you’re too skinny or that you’re doing things wrong. 

Get your head in the game; keep your eyes on the goal that you want to reach.  How much weight, how much muscle you want to gain, and go for it doesn’t wish for a better body; work for it.     

Here we are given in this article is just general information, it’s up to you how you will work for your goal.

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