How to Get Clear Skin Naturally Without Products – 10 Best Tips

Clear skin routine, so having clear skin is very important, because obviously your skin is one of the first things that people notice about you.

Everyone wants to have glowing and healthy skin but many of us are not fully committed to the cause. It’s very important to make sure your skin is looking fresh, looking clean and smooth.

There are lots of products available in the market and even on social media, but products don’t solve all our skin problems. So, here we are listed 11 Tips on how to get clear skin naturally without using any products. Read the article till the end!  

10 Quick Tips on How to Get Clear Skin Naturally

Sometimes it’s very difficult to know what type your skin is and what your skin needs every day to be healthy, so here are 10 tips to get clear skin naturally.  

01. Biotin Supplements

The first way you can get clear skin is to take some biotin supplements. If you can’t take biotin supplements and you can eat a lot of foods high in biotin like eggs, almonds and peanut butter because biotin supplements, they’re really good when it comes to clearing up your skin, on making your hair and your nails grow healthy. So that’s something you should add to your diet.

02. Drink Lot of Water

The second thing is to drink a lot of water. When you talk to most people about getting clear skin the first thing, they’re going to tell you to drink water, but that’s just not it.

Drinking water is very important because when you think about it our bodies are made of 98%water. If we replenish our water system, we look healthier and more vibrant.

03. Stop Touching Your Face

Stop touching your face for clear skin

The thing you can do for clear skin is to stop touching your face, because our hands are probably the most germ, bacteria-infested parts of our bodies.

We don’t know who else has touched it and we don’t know where it’s been. And obviously we don’t hand sanitizers enough but we don’t wash our hands enough and we use our hands that we touch that on our face and those bacteria and germs actually get into our pores and I could create some kind of inflammation and breakouts later down the line.

04. Stop Smoking

Another thing you can do for clear skin is to stop smoking, because not only does smoking dehydrate the skin. What it actually does is that it opens up your pores and allows some bacteria to get in there. So, you actually breakout a lot when you smoke

05. Exfoliate Once a Week

Another thing you can do is to exfoliate once a week but try not to over exfoliate because when you over exfoliate that actually creates some kind of oil based on your skin and that makes you that actually makes you break out, so it does the opposite effect.
Try to exfoliate once a week because we have a lot of dead skin throughout the day and that dead cell later in our face, so it leaves your face kind of looking rough. It’s always a good idea to kind of exfoliate and get it..  

06. Use Face Mask 

Use face mask for clear skin

The next thing you can do for clear skin is to try some face masks, now you don’t necessarily have to go out there to Sephora for example and purchase a facemask, you can actually make some face masks at home.

You can make a face mask at home like oatmeal face mask, how will you do that? Get some oatmeal and add a little bit of water with some honey and rub it on your face and let the mask sit there for 20 minutes. What that does is that it kind of rehydrates your skin and replenishes it with nutrients.

07. Wash Your Face with Cold Water

The next thing you can do for clear skin is to wash your face with cold water, this is important because when you wash your face with cold water it keeps your pores closed and when your pores are closed it prevents bacteria and germs from getting into those pores.  

08. Don’t Stress

Another thing you can do is to not stress, we know that’s easier said than done but try not to stress out so much. When you do stress it raises your hormone levels and if you’re a teenager you’re already going through so many hormone changes and you know you don’t need that extra boost of hormones you just kind of like create a whole bunch of acne in your face.

When adults do stress out it does raise up the hormone levels as well and that actually creates a lot of acne around on your face.

09. Do Some Exercise Everyday

Do some exercise everyday for clear skin

The next thing you can do for clear skin is to exercise. When you exercise you’re sweating a lot and when you’re sweating your pores are opening up and that allows the toxins from your body to come out.

You’re obviously drinking water and you’re replenishing yourself so that’s very good for that cycle to keep going.

10. Eat Clean or Healthier

The last thing for clear skin is to eat clean. If you eat a lot of junk food and eat a lot of fried greasy food that’s gonna come out of your body, you know you’re creating toxins in your body and that you’re trying to escape somehow.

if you’re not sweating it out so if you’re not drinking enough water and flushing it out through your urine system then obviously it’s gonna try to come out through, so make sure you avoid all of that.

Food for clear skin, if you just eat it clean, eat a lot of vegetables, eat a lot of whole grains and then your skin will actually look more vibrant, more healthy and you’ll be a happier model.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Age is Acne the Worst?

    Acne and pimples are common things and can affect people of all ages. The young adults between 12 to 25 age group people tend to be affected most. It usually begins affecting girls earlier than boys.   

  • How Can I Glow Without Skin Care?

    Here are tips that you can glow your skin without skin care, remember, you are what you eat.

    01. Eat more okra
    02. Get more beauty sleep
    03. Change your bed sheets every two days
    04. Antioxidant-rich Diet
    05. Limit hot showers 


You haven’t got good skin, there are many things you can do that will help you to clear skin, and show some love and take care of your skin.

Note:  always make sure to consult a doctor before planning to try anything new, as this article provided information here is just general and it could potentially help, but each person has different skin so do what’s right for your skin.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below.

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