Medical Fitness Certificate – How to Get Medical Fitness Certificate

What is a medical fitness certificate? A medical fitness certificate is a document certificate that will be issued by a registered medical practitioner, it will show that an individual is fit for work after a medical examination.    

What are the Uses of medical fitness certificate?

Medical fitness certificates are required for a lot more purposes,like it’s required for a job, and it’s required for travel and trekking. Nowadays most of the travel and tourism agencies and state governments are asking for the COVED-19 medical fitness certificate.  

This certificate is especially required for those who are looking for a job in heavy lifting or any other activities that require physical effort. And also, a medical fitness certificate is required in such scenarios.

 These medical fitness certificates may also be required for activities and tourist destinations. Like trekking or even trekking on mountains or other dangers.

The good medical fitness certificate shows that the individual person is in good health and he/she can do the work or he/she is able to carry out the given activities or he/she is able to work under some condition.

Best or good medical fitness certificate shows that subjects are free from medical jargon and simple and understandable.

How to get medical fitness certificate

The medical fitness certificate depends on what purpose you need a certificate. Without proper check-up and tests doctors will not issue medical fitness certificates.

If you need medical fitness certificates visit your nearest health center or any Government hospitals. Also, you can consult the medical officer; he/she will definitely help you to get the medical fitness certificates.

If it is for government jobs; it is good to get from a government hospital.

Who can Issue a Medical Fitness Certificate?

The medical fitness certificate will be only issued by an MBBS graduate. They are registered with the state government medical council.  

Medical fitness certificates validity

Most of the medical fitness certificates are have a validity of 15 days. Individuals can renew their medical fitness certificate at the end of the term if they want to renew.

Is it necessary to get a medical fitness certificate from a government doctor?

It is the best advice to get medical fitness certificate from government doctors. Getting signatures and seals from government doctors is more valuable than a freelancer. You do not forget to write the doctor’s contact number, signature and seal.

How to write medical fitness certificate

  • Following are the best tips to customize your medical fitness certificate.
  • Write the title of the certificates – in bold letters.
  • Mention the certificate to the correct party like – the Employer, the insurer, the clients, etc.
  • Write your full data like name, age, address, phone number.
  • Enter your physical appearance such as height and weight.
  • Mention other comments and any additional notes.  
  • Mention your future goals.
  • Once your template is ready, don’t forget to take signatures and seals from government doctors.


You can get a medical fitness certificate from government Doctors, and also here we are given general information on this article.

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