13 Asian Beard Styles – Try Asian Beard Style in 2021

Nowadays, Asian beard styles are very famous in the world. From Asian goatee to different kinds of stubbles and different types of mustaches, Asian guys can style various beard styles. So here we are listed the most popular Asian beards and styles and you can try in 2021.

Well, Asian beards are not rare, Asians with beards can style just as many different types of beards and you will find Asian men with all kinds of beards styles.

The Asians guys can grow beards, it’s not mean that every Asian guy has the same quality of fuller and longer beards. Growing a beard is totally dependent on genetics, age, lifestyle and habits.

Here look at some famous Asian men with beards and some different styles found on Asian celebrities and models. So, read this article till the end. 

What is an Asian Beard?

The Asian Beard, we can see Asian beard styles in china, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and more. These Asian region men have less beads growth compared to men from other regions.

If they grow a beard, it’s usually weak, because Asian guys have lower testosterone levels. And most of the Asian men don’t grow facial hair.

We can see in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and more countries, these region men have more beard growth. 

13 Asian Beard Styles

The Asian beards are a bit unique and more popular. Asians’ men face difficulty growing a fuller beard and many Asian men can grow various beard styles, goatees and mustaches.

 We can see many Asian men have beards including stubble and full beards, more popular stylish goatees and mustaches.

Well, when it comes to Asian men can grow a beard, we found a variety of beard styles that Asian men have proven it’s possible to grow a thicker and longer beard.

So, in this article we are going to show you 13 best Asian beard styles that you can try in 2021.

01. Full Asian Beard

Full Asian Beard

The first Asian beard style is full Asian beard, if your beard is thicker and fuller then you look good in this style.  

02. Medium Stubble Asian Beard

Medium Stubble Asian Beard

This is one of the popular Asian beard styles and its perfect beard style with long top, short sides hairstyles, and medium stubble gives a more attractive look.   

03. Bruce Lee Beard

Bruce Lee Beard

This beard style is from the master of martial arts Bruce lee. This style has a fuller beard and fuller drip mustache.

04. Old Asian Men Beard Style

Old Asian Men Beard Style

This style is for older men looking to change their beard style, or if anyone is facing bald spots and has patchy beard can try this Asian beard. 

05. Short Asian Beard

Short Asian Beard

If you’re thinking about growing a beard then begin with a short Asian beard as below. Short Asian beard will help you at an intermediary growth stage to look good with facial hair. 

06. Medium Asian Goatee

Medium Asian Goatee

If you want to go with a medium beard then try medium Asian goatee style. It is the perfect option for those who want to go from short beard to fuller beard. It is a medium length beard with goatee. 

07. Asian Beard with Mustache

Asian Beard with Mustache

Asian beard with mustache is a very popular beard style in Asia and you can try this one, medium length beard and complete mustache.  

08. Long Asian Beard style

Long Asian Beard style

This beard is rare in Asia but some men also go with long Asian beard style, bushy beard and long, also long mustache. The long Asian beard style looks good with long hair.

09. Thick beard with Mustache

Thick beard with Mustache

This beard style is for those who have a fuller and thicker beard, you need to keep your beard medium or long with thick mustache.

10. Asian Stylish Goatee

Asian Stylish Goatee

This style is good for young adults, you need to have a clean shave and just leave a goatee with medium length and also you can make it more stylish.

11. Asian Full Goatee

Asian Full Goatee

Full goatee style starts from your jawline to your chin, you just need to leave fuller goatee to get this style. Asian full goatee looks great on formal or office men.

12. Asian Sexy Stubble

Asian Sexy Stubble

This style is a very famous beard style in the world, it looks great on young men. You just need to keep your beard on medium length and the lines should be visible.

13. Asian Long Mustache and short beard

Asian Long Mustache and short beard

This style looks great with longer hair, short beard and long or twisted mustache, as below. This style will give you a perfect elegant look.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Beard Length is Most Attractive?

    The heavy stubble is considered the most attractive beard length. This length could be more hygienic than longer beards, and it’s easy to keep tidy with lower maintenance.

  • Do Beards Make You Look Older?

    The short answer is YES, a beard can make you look older. However, it also depends on what age you are, and this isn’t a bad thing. Your beard can make you look more masculine and distinguished.

    As you get older and the greys creep in, your facial hair starts becoming white and greys. However, there are a number of men who look more attractive with silver box beards, but it does require a next level of maintenance and care.

  • Are Grey Beards Attractive?

    The short answer is YES, Grey beards are very attractive to people among young girls. But you just have to make sure that you keep your beard well-groomed and can take special care. 


There are many Asian beard styles we can have from Asian men, celebrities or regular men. Asian men can grow any type of beard styles and they look amazing.

However, you can pick any one style and try it on you. Let’s see the overall look.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any suggestion and questions kindly put them in the comment box below.

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