08 Most Popular Blogs for Teenagers and College Students

There are lot of teenager who wants to read the articles or looking for awesome teenage advice? So here are the 10 most popular blogs for teenagers and college students   

There are numbers of blogs for teenagers in Google but we did some research for finding a 08 best blogs for teenagers, you’ll find so many different category or topic such as college life, finance, lifestyle, Teenage fitness entertainment and lot more.

Read this article till the end, hopefully you may find your favorite blog and also you may get some values for your future after reading this article.

08 Best Blogs for Teenagers

10 best blogs for teenagers

01. College Info Geek

The founder of college info geek is Thomas frank and his was started his blog in college to help young adults and teenagers.

He is share all about studying and learning, productivity, career, podcast and more, also he has a YouTube channel called Thomas Frank, if you prefer learning this topics through video then kindly checkout his YouTube channel.

He shares high quality Videos on YouTube and high quality articles on his blogs that have helped lots of students and teenager in the world.

02. Teen Vogue

Teen vogue is one of the biggest blog for teenagers with having millions of viewers on monthly basis and most of the audience is teenagers and young adults.

Teen vogue convers some topics like style, politics, culture, identity, current events and more, If you’re interested in this topics then definitely checkout this blog to get valuable information.

This blog also have a huge follower YouTube Channel and they shares same topics on YouTube.

03. College life made easy

College life made easy is one of the best blog for those who are in college; Charli is one of the co-founder of this blog and they made this blog to help a college students and young adult.

College life made easy is cover college life, scholarships, money and printable etc.

If you start reading this blog you definitely feel the things that going on in your college because Charli has shared her true experience what are the things happened with her in college life.

She knows that what a college student and young adults goes through, so check out this blog for guide.

04. This online world

This is the best blog for college student and teenagers because you will know that so many opportunity in making online money.

The founder of this online world is Tom Blake and it’s fully covered on making money online.

If you’re teenage or in college looking to make money online then check out this blog on first priority, you’ll learn numbers of tips on making money online, earning passive income and how to save the money etc.

He has a YouTube channel called Tom Blake, if you want to prefer to watch videos.

05. By Sophia lee

The founder of this blog is Sophia lee and she covered on her blog healthy meals, dorm, grooming and blogging etc.  She wants to help high school student and college students to make their life successful.

She also give a blogging tips for teenagers to build their online blog and star making money online, Definitely checkout her blog for more information.

06. Teens Got Cents

Teens got cents is one of the best blog for teenagers and college students and definitely check out this blog for more information.

The founder of this blog is Eva and she was started teens got cents blog when she was only 16 years old.

She was started this blog to guide teenagers and young adults and she was realized that money is so important in life and how we can make money online.

This blog guide teenagers on related to money, saving the money, jobs and shopping, definitely checkout this blog and signing up her Ebook for more updates.  

07. Modern Teen

Modern Teen is one of the best blog for teenagers and young adults.

Daniel Friedman is founder of Modern Teen and he shares everything on college life, money, fashion, relationship, health and fitness. He will guide to throughout his experience and knowledge.

He was designed this blog to make a community for young adults and teenagers from all around the world, definitely check out Modern Teen for valuable guide.

08. Fran Acciardo

This is one of the best lifestyle blog for teenagers and young adult to get such more valuable pints.

The founder of this blog is Fran and she covered everything on travel, College, Music, style, career and definitely you will get some inspiration and tips on lifestyle.

If you looking for a life style blogger the definitely checkout this blog and she is true lifestyle blogger.

Best YouTube Channel for teenager


Here we are given 8 best blogs for teenagers and college students, if you want know more definitely checkout this 8 blogs. Hopefully you like his article.

If you have any suggestions and question kindly put in the comment box below.

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