05 Types of Modeling Scams – How to Avoid Modeling Scams

There are lots of dishonest people doing different types of modeling scams; they would target beginner models, young and aspiring models, so you have to be very careful.

The Froude modeling agency will call you and tell you that you’re selected for so and so modeling scouts or agencies, and then they ask you to have an interview with them.  They are more interested in your money than helping you.

First you should understand how the entertainment industry or modeling industry operates; this is the first step that you have to learn. So here are 5 types of modeling scams that are very common in the modeling industry and how to avoid modeling scams.

Main 5 Types of Modeling Scams

To avoid scams, you can read this article till the end, that you may aver before engaging anyone in this industry. Below we have given 5 types of modeling scams and how to avoid modeling scams.

01. Fake Photographers

This is one of the biggest types of modeling scams that are happening in this fashion industry and lots of beginner models are falling for it.

You’re signing the contract with an agency or you have been signed recently with an agency, the agency forces you to use a particular photographer for your modeling work or to build a portfolio and they charge you.

This is not true; some top agencies have a list of photographers that they refer for their models to shoot but they never force you to shoot with a particular photographer.

Shooting with a photographer is always your choice; you should always look for a good and honest photographer that you want to work with.

You don’t have to give any money to any of the agencies, be averse to yourself when you try to get into this industry.

02. Fake Modeling Agencies

Fake Modeling Agencies

There are a number of fake agencies in the world and they are doing types of modeling scams with aspiring models.

They called their agency for an open call and there were a number of other models like you, no experience and don’t have any knowledge about the fashion industry but they wanted to get into the fashion industry.

When you go to the agency for an open call, the fake agency will select 50% of models from that crowd.

Then they will introduce their modeling program and they will tell you that, if you enroll now you will get some discount or if you want to represent us you should enroll in this modeling program.

You need to go through our training program for some months, then you will get more work, you will get more clients and you will be featured in top magazines like that. They will give you big promises and finally they will tell you the cost of their modeling program.

This is not true; this is one type of modeling scams they are doing with you, if this is happening then walk away from that agency. You should never need to pay for any of the agencies. The agency will find work for you and from there they will get some commission.   

03. Fake Talent Scouts

Fake Talent Scouts

This is also a type of modeling scams; fake talent scout organizers target the common young and good looking people, they will approach them.

This talent scout organizer runs ads on social media, if you enroll in their page by giving Gmail and your contact number, they will start to send mails, messages and you could also get a call also.

Then they will give you a big big promise like I can make you a supermodel, I can get you in the top magazine’s cover and I can get you represented by so and so agency.

They finally tell you the expenses for photo shoot or submission fees or even they introduce their modeling programs and they tell you to enroll.

This is totally scams, the real talent scouts don’t request models to pay because they are getting paid by the agency.

04. Pay for Exclusive Casting

Pay for Exclusive Casting

This is also a type of modeling scams, where lots of dishonest people tell you that you have to pay a small amount for exclusive casting and they will give you big promises like you can get this big audition, we can get you one-on-one interview or casting with big big designers.

This is completely fake; you should never have to pay for open call or casting, it is completely free. Usually the agency will send on a casting call or sometimes clients may request you but you never have to pay any money to anyone.

05. Online Scams with Models

Online scams with models, it’s happening more and more with beginner models. The dishonest people will give you big big promises.

The online modeling scams happen in a variety of forms like they intrude on their programs and they are ready to give you more discounts. These people have one thing in their mind is to make more money.

They will contact you directly and they tell you that I can make you models but you have to pay this much amount. This all things are completely not true, be careful and stay away from them.

Best Tips to How to Avoid Modeling Scams

How to Avoid Modeling Scams

01. Do your Own Research

The most important thing that you have to do is do your own research on companies or agencies that you want to engage with and do the research on people.

If you’re selected for any talent scout, you should have to Google them and see if they have their own website or not, see who else they have worked with. You can take feedback from the people that you also are averring of it.

02. Don’t sign any Contract Without Reading with Agencies

This is the best thing that you have to keep in mind, do not sign any contract without reading it thoroughly. Dishonest people rush you sometimes in a scam situation; they make you feel like you’re missing out on this opportunity.

The good modeling agency will give you three working days to make a decision. Don’t feel rushed and pressured, read the contract till the last page and make your own decision.

03. Don’t pay Anything to Anybody

Don’t pay Anything to Anybody

Some people think that without money we can’t be a model but the reality is you don’t have to pay for anything; it will never cost you to be a model.  If you sign with any top agencies then they will take care of you.

Sometimes the only thing that you have pay for is test shoots that you’re shooting with a good photographer.

04. Don’t give any Personal Information

You shouldn’t share your personal information with any one, don’t give your address, don’t give personal sensitive information.

The only time that you have to give this personal information is when you’re submitting your tax forms with your agency.

05. Never Send your Nude Photos 

Never Send your Nude Photos

You should never ever send your nude photos with any one or with any top agency. Basically a good top agency will not ask you nude photos.

If any agency or any one asks for your nude photos, you can report them to the police but don’t send nude photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If a Modeling Agency is Legit?

There are a number of agencies that are illegit on social media, they just want to make money. Then, how do you know the legit modeling agency. Well, legal agencies have a blue tick next to their names, meaning they are verified agencies.

If you are approached directly on social media like Instagram, twitter and Facebook, then you need to recheck and visit their website and see who are the models working with them. Also, ask them whether it is a real message or not.

Which Modelling Agencies are legit?

Here are top 8 legit modeling agencies and they are world famous agencies.

·         Elite Model Management
·         IMG Models
·         Wilhelmina Models
·         Ford Models.
·         Storm Model Management
·         Marilyn Agency
·         Next Management
·         Premier Model Management

How Do You Know if You’re Pretty Enough to Be a Model?

There is no specific look or face required to become a model. Models don’t have to be pretty, beautiful or ugly. They have to be attractive in some way and people have to look at you for whatever reason. 


We know about 07 types of modeling scams and how to avoid modeling scams. Kindly don’t waste your time, money and don’t trust anybody in this industry.

Do your own research about modeling agencies and people who are working in the fashion industry.

Hopefully, you like this article, If you have any suggestion and questions then put in the comment box below

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