What are the Main Types of Modeling – 14 Types of Models and Modeling Work?

When people think of modeling; they don’t think of types of modeling, they everyone usually thinks about high fashion modeling, which are really skinny, very tall and good looking, these are your runway or high fashion models.

This is one type of modeling but there are so many different types of modeling in fashion industry so here are 15 different types of modeling or types of models.

There are so many different types of modeling, but if you interested in a particular category of modeling make sure that you can go to the modeling agency that represent the same category.

Because you’re interested in fit or fitness modeling and you walk-in to the high fashion modeling agency hoping to get represent but there you’re definitely going to get rejected. Choose the category that you’re interested and go the agency that represent that category, so here are 15 different types of models and modeling work.

What is the Requirement to Be a Model?

There is lot of modeling category, all these types of modeling have very specific or skill requirements. Some models fit into one category and some models fit into multiple categories there are very few models can do all the category of modeling.

The modeling industry required different types of size and shapes for different types of modeling work; you just have to find the right and suitable category from type of modeling work, so here are 14 types of modeling and modeling work which one for you.    

14 Types of Modeling for both Male and Female Models

Types of modeling for both male and female models

There are numbers of models earning huge money, some models are famous and some models unknown but they are earning huge money.

The known famous models are doing fashion shows, commercial shoots and more but there are numbers of models are working hard behind the stage like fit models, body parts models and promotional models.

Here are 14 types of modeling and modeling work, if you not able to be supermodels but at least you will fit into one category, so read this article till the end.   

01. High Fashion Modeling

High Fashion Modeling Types of Modeling

These types of modeling very difficult and exclusive compere to all different categories, you should be tall, thin, young and good looking to be a fashion model. High fashion modeling required very strict requirement of height and weight.

Requirement for female fashion models:  if you’re female want to be fashion model then you should have your height between 5’9” to 5’11” and weight should be between 48kg to 60kg with body measurements should be 34-24-34 and your age should be 16 -23 years old.

Requirement for male fashion models: if you’re male want to be fashion model then you should have your height between 5’11” to 6’3” and your weight should be between 62kg to 76kg and your age should be 18-26 years old.

If you have these requirements still you need have some features like you have to be very attractive, have high cheekbones and very edgy look. 

The high fashion models make more money in fashion industry and also they succeed in their life. These are the models that become the super models because they do modeling for big fashion houses, big-big brands and they work with top designers.

02. Commercial Print Modeling

Commercial print modeling types of modeling

Most of the models work in this category because in commercial modeling don’t need specific requirements like size, height and specific body measurements. In commercial modeling they need models for verity of functions.

The commercial modeling needs models of any age, height, weight and size and in commercial modeling their models does a lot of different jobs like television shows, advertisement shoots, campaigns, catalogs and magazines etc.

If we compare commercial modeling with high fashion modeling, commercial modeling has a longer career span. If you want to do commercial modeling’s then start at teen age and you will go all they till 60 plus but in high fashion modeling you will start career early age and end up your career around 30s.

You will get lot of work under commercial modeling, its depends on what kind of agency you’re with and how is your performance. 

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03. Runway Modeling

Runway Modeling types of modeling

Runway models are walk the runway or catwalk; these models are showcasing the fashion garments and cloths of high fashion or clothing designers. Runway models should be fit into the cloths that designers going to show to their clients.

If you want to be the runway model you should have the requirements of high fashion modeling like model should be tall and skinny and for female measurements should be 34-24-34.

04. Editorial Fashion Modeling

Editorial fashion modeling is print modeling, editorial models generally like showcasing the current trend or style.

Editorial models are features in high fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour etc. if you want to get into this category you should have the requirements of high fashion modeling.

Modeling agency will always look for complete package of model, so if you’re trying to this category you should be tall and skinny and for female the measurements should be specific like 34-24-34.

05. Fitness Modeling

Fitness modeling types of modeling

The fitness modeling is like self-explanatory to be a fitness model, if you want to get into this category you should have to be fit, in shape and also your body fat percentage should be very low, you have a good muscle tone.

This is very competitive modeling category compare to other category, because there are so money fitness models and there is no height requirements needs to be a fitness model but necessary is in-shape and athletic fit body.

This is a huge category; there are lots of agencies with fitness modeling. Fitness models showcasing the fitness and health products, athletic companies, sports and sports clothes brands, there is lot of work under fitness modeling.

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06. Plus Size Modeling

plus-size modeling types of models

Plus size modeling is category of modeling, that mainly for female models but there are also have some opportunities for Male models.

Nowadays; Plus size modeling market become very huge and part of fashion industry, many top modeling agencies have a plus-size modeling division.

Plus size modeling also called as a “full figured modeling” these models are have fuller figures. There are lots of clothing brands that makes so money clothes for plus size people and definitely they need plus size models for their campaigns shoots or shows.

This is the one category that’s growing fastest and we can see lots of brands are corporate plus size models into their fashion shoots.

07. Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling types of modeling

Glamour modeling for those who is so pretty, nice body, good attraction and bit body appearance well, if you have these kinds of specifications then you have more value in this category.

Also your height should be 5’9” and above, you age should be 18 years or above. These models work in bikini shoots, swimsuit shoot and lingerie. If your lack enough you get chance to work in music videos and top magazines etc.

There are so many top agencies that represent the glamour models but be careful because there are so many dishonest people and they try to get advantages of young models.

08. Catalog Modeling

Catalog modeling is not very creative modeling, also called as a fashion catalog modeling. In this category models don’t make huge money and this is something like models do this category of modeling when their downtime or they’re not busy.

Basically they need models in all the shapes and size, there are lots of clothing designers they offers a verity of clothing options. These designers need models for their catalogs. 

09. Fit Models

Fit modeling is not fitness modeling, don’t get confuse. Fit models works behind the scenes in fashion houses and garment manufacture companies to know that size and fitting of the garments is maintain in the clothing manufacturing process. 

There needs a lots of variety of shape and size fit models to fit their clothes perfectly. In fit modeling just you have to maintain you’re measurements.

10. Promo Modeling or Promotional Modeling

Promo Modeling or Promotional Modeling

Promotional modeling called as a tradeshow model also, these models you can see at live events and their jobs is to promote the service or product at shows and events.

Promotional models has very commercial look, very friendly and approachable. These models have to keep knowledge about their client products or service because they required talking about products.  

11. Swimsuit Modeling

Swimsuit modeling types of models

These types of modeling are dominated by woman to be a swimsuit models. To be swimsuit model you need to have great body look in a swimsuit. There are numbers of agencies that represent these types of models.

Swimsuit models appear in ads of any types of beach or resort location and these models also do swimsuit catalogs.  Swimsuit models also called as a lingerie models.

12. Body Parts Modeling

Body parts modeling Types of Modeling

Body parts models these are models have body parts that is outstanding, these types of models specially model their “Body parts” such as legs, hands, feet, stomach, hair, and lips etc.

There are numbers of agencies that represents the body parts models. You can also begin you’re career as a body parts modeling if you have an outstanding or interesting body parts. These body parts will use for promote the many products on ads or television.

If you have outstanding hands and want to be body parts model then you don’t have to look like model, don’t need be in shape but your hands should be in a good condition and have the perfect in shape.

13. Mature Modeling

Mature modeling Types of Modeling

The mature modeling is for older people, these are older models basically they are 40s or above. These models probably have done their modeling in different types of category before.

The mature models also consider as commercial models and they do the work what commercial models are doing.            

If you want to get into this types of modeling; there are so money top agencies that representing the mature models. These models promote the beauty products, lifestyle products etc.

14. Child Modeling

child modeling Types of Modeling

The child modeling is to for child who wants to start their modeling career at early age. There are lots of child models in the modeling industry like Michelle Gellar, Natalie Portman and Broke shield, beside these models there are numbers of super child models working in modeling industry.

If you want to start child modeling, then you should have the age 12 years or under that and to be a child model there is not required any height or weight. There are so many top agencies that representing child modeling.

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Which Types of Models Make More Money?

That high-fashion model makes most money in modeling industry; also commercial models make more money and you can make money into different types of modeling as well. 


Here we known about 14 types of modeling and modeling work, if you’re interested in any one of the this category then pick up that start your career in modeling industry.

You should be careful of scams, there are many scams happing in modeling industry. The dishonest people try to take disadvantage of you and they will tell you that pay this much of money we will get more jobs.

You should never have to pay for agencies; the agencies will works for you and they only get paid when you modeling for their clients.

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